You waited too long. Your favorite band or musician’s concert is finally here.

But, there is a problem. You have not been able to get your concert tickets yet. Maybe all the tickets are sold out within a second. Or, may it is very costly for you to afford.

You tried everything to see your favorite band perform live on stage, but it was all in vain.

Have no fear.

The truth is, if you just listen to your heart and use the law of attraction, it’s actually easier than you think.

Stray Kids, Harry Styles, Billie Eilish, Louis Tomlinson, Beyonce, or some K-pop star, whichever your favorite musicians are, you can see them perform live in concert by manifesting concert tickets.

Keep reading to find out the ways to manifest concert tickets using the law of attraction. Also, find out how people manifested tickets to be in their dream concert.

How to manifest concert tickets?

Step 1: Write down your goal

First, write down what you want to manifest. What are you trying to achieve?

If you want to manifest tickets to a concert of your favorite band, write it down in the form of a goal.

Make sure that you’re clear on what you want and why you want it.

It is a very crucial step in manifestation. You should be crystal clear about your goal in your mind before you ask the Universe to help you manifest them into your reality.

And, writing down your desire in a paper is the best way to get clear about one’s goal.

Take paper and pen, and write down:

I want to enjoy the [Your favorite band or musicians’s name] concert which is  going to happen on [date] at [place]. I know I will get tickets to enjoy this concert. I believe in the Universe and I can easily get tickets to enjoy the show.

Write these statements or a similar one in a paper to be clear about your goal. Next, you need to make yourself believe that it is possible to manifest a concert ticket.

For this, you can use tools like visualization, vision board, or affirmations. 

Step 2: Visualize having blast in the concert you want to go

Visualization is the key to success for manifesting anything in life because if we can picture ourselves having what we desire, then there are a lot more chances of achieving our goals than if we don’t have any visualization at all.

To manifest concert tickets of your favorite band, visualize yourself having fun at the concert you want to go to.

Imagine how great it would be if you already had those tickets and were already there!

Imagine yourself having the best time ever at that concert. It could be anything from meeting an artist and taking photos with them, to dancing with friends or even just sitting back and enjoying the music.

While imagining yourself having fun, make sure that everything looks perfect around you as if it were actually happening right now!

Doing this, not only will help you feel more relaxed but also give you confidence. It will make you believe that it is possible to manifest your dream concert tickets.

And, when you believe that something is going to happen, it will happen for sure. That’s how the law of attraction work.

Step 3: Use a vision board

Use a vision board as a visual reminder of the concert you want to go to.

It’s like having a billboard on your wall reminding you every day that it is time for some good stuff to happen in your life.

Visualization is a powerful tool when it comes to manifesting goals. So make yourself a vision board. This can be done by using poster boards or just putting up pictures of things that inspire you.

To manifest concert tickets, add photos of artists performing at that venue, or even images of people holding their tickets for sale on your vision board.

In addition to that, you can also use the mind movie to manifest your dream concert tickets. Get videos of concerts of your favorite band, and while watching those videos, imagine yourself to be in that concert enjoying the show.

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Step 4: Repeat affirmations to manifest concert tickets

Repeat the mantra, “I am going to have my dream concert ticket.”

As you say this, think about what it will be like when your wish comes true and you are standing in front of your favorite artist.

The more often you repeat these statements, the more convinced you will become that your goal is within reach.

Next, you need to get rid of your limiting belief. You need to have faith in the Universe and let go of the doubt and fear to manifest tickets for your favorite concert.

Step 5: Kill your limiting belief

If you want to manifest concert tickets, it’s important that you first identify your limiting belief.

You may think that it is not possible to get tickets for the concert as it will be sold out within a few seconds. Or, you may think that you can’t afford to pay the ticket price.

You see, your negative self raises different obstacles to prevent yourself from manifesting your goal. 

There are various reasons that you can’t get tickets for the concert, but you have to get rid of your limiting belief and trust the Universe.

When you have complete faith and let go of your fear and doubt, you’ll manifest your desire in unimaginable ways. You can manifest concert tickets in infinite possible ways.

So, have faith and continue believing that you’ll get tickets for your favorite concert.

Success story


You can manifest concert tickets for your favorite band or musicians easily even if it is hard to get one using the traditional approach.

Get crystal clear on your goal, use the law of attraction techniques like visualization, affirmation, and vision board, have faith in the Universe, and you’ll surely manifest concert tickets.