manifest good health for someone else

It is devastating to see someone you love suffer from a soul-crushing illness. It makes you helpless, hopeless, and angry.

But, you don’t want to play a victim role. You are brave to face problems and work through them. Anyone can run away in a difficult time, but not you. You believe in the law of attraction and the power of higher intelligence.

That is why you want to manifest good health for the person whom you love and care about.

It is possible to manifest good health for someone else. Be clear on what you want to manifest. Assume that person is already healthy and visualize them in perfect health. Have faith and show gratitude to the universe for the manifestation.

In this post, you’ll know whether manifesting good health works or not. Plus, five simple ways to get your loved one out of misery and agony.

Does manifesting good health for someone else work?

In the religious circle, praying for healing and good health is common practice.

You might have heard or read about people who miraculously get healed from a serious medical condition after other people pray for them.

Furthermore, research has shown that prayer can heal a person from life-threatening conditions.

To show whether prayer can heal or not, researchers divide 219  infertile women from Seol, South Korea, into two groups: Prayer and Control. Participants were treated with the in-vitro fertilization-embryo transfer.

Prayer groups in the USA, Canada, and Australia prayed for the fertility of these women. And both patients and the people who pray were not informed about the intervention.


The pregnancy rate for women who had been prayed for was twice that of those who had not been prayed for. Isn’t that amazing?

Remember, you have immense healing power within that can not only heal your body but can heal another person too.

In addition to that, you can easily manifest for others because you’re not attached to their desire and you’re able to let go quickly.

There is one caveat though, you can’t manifest good health for someone else against their will. They should also be willing to receive the gift for the universe.

Now you’re assured that manifesting healing for someone else is real. Keep reading to know the five simple steps to manifest good health for someone else.

5 ways to manifest good health for someone else using the law of attraction

1. Have a clear and specific goal

After you calm your mind and body by doing meditation, think of a person whom you want to heal. Have a clear goal in mind what is that you want to manifest.

Manifesting good health for someone who is sick is a gesture that you love and care for them. But, don’t tell them that you’re praying for their quick recovery. Why? Because you don’t want your ego to create negative vibrations during the manifestation process.

Having a clear and specific goal taps into your emotion that increases your vibration level. And when you vibrate at a higher frequency level, manifestation becomes a lot easier for you.

The universe can manifest your desires and goal into reality, but, first, you need to be clear about your goal. Because a vague goal brings a vague result that you don’t want.

2. Ask and believe in infinite intelligence for healing

Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you

– Matthew 7:7

Simply, ask the universe to heal your loved one. Infinite intelligence is almighty and has unlimited possibilities for you.

Have faith and belief while you hold your thoughts for manifestation. Pray with sincerity and clarity, and use bold present tense words such as “NOW”.

Try to connect with the creative intelligence that made all living beings in the world and who also knows how to heal. Ask with sincerity and clarity to tune in with Him.

3. Do visualization and affirmation daily to manifest perfect health

Visualization and affirmation are powerful techniques to change one’s mindset and belief system.

Visualization creates imagined mental images of events that leave an impression in the brain similar to that of a real one. Your brain doesn’t know the difference between things you imagine and things that are real.

When you visualize the desired events daily, the neuron in your brain is arranged similarly to that of a person’s brain who already has lived those events in real life.

So imagine your loved one has already been healed and they are now healthy and pain-free though that’s not the case in reality.

Imagine telling them they never looked better and hearing them telling you they never felt better. Feel the happiness and joy that you would feel when someone gets healed because of you.

In addition to that, you can recite affirmations daily to send positive energy to heal someone.

I have used the affirmation technique in past to heal one of my close friends from eczema.

She had been suffering from eczema since childhood and no medicine cured her illness. She was depressed and frustrated due to this. And, I decided to experiment to manifest good health for her and help her get rid of eczema permanently.

I used the following affirmation to cure her eczema:

Dear universe, this prayer is for Rita, my friend. She is clam, relaxed and  at peace. She is strong, loving, hormonious, vital, joyful and happy.

She is open and receptive to my loving  thoughts. Her skin is healthy NOW. Her skin is infused and saturated  by harmonizing and vitalizing infinite healing power of her subconscious mind, thus making her skin healthy and glowing.

I repeated this affirmation four to five times each morning and at night. After a couple of weeks, I noticed some change in her skin but I didn’t tell her about my prayer. I simply smiled and showed gratitude to the universe.

You see, there is great potential within you and in the universe to heal people. Do visualization and affirmation to do that.

4. Transfer your healing energy to your loved one

Meditation and affirmation raise your vibration and give you the energy to heal anyone. Next, you need to transfer your healing energy to a person whom you want to cure.

Transferring healing energy is like telepathy communication where you imagine a beam of light going from your body to the body of another person. Then, let your divine healing light spread all over your body.

While you connect and transfer the healing energy, repeat the powerful positive affirmation to boost the manifestation.

5. Show gratitude before you heal someone with your healing power

You simply can’t manifest without showing gratitude to the universe. Gratitude brings positive feelings and emotions. It tells the subconscious mind and the universe that you already have what you’re seeking.

Show gratitude for doctors, nurses, medication, and medical care. Say thank you to the universe for giving the gift of perfect health and a strong body to your loved one.


Caring about another person and showing love and appreciation is life’s greatest value.

You have shown that you care for someone by your action: reading this post. Now, manifest good health for someone you love by practicing the above-mentioned steps. Good luck!