Can you manifest karma on someone?

Maybe someone has badly hurt you either physically or mentally. They may have manipulated you and made your life horrible. But, they never apologized to you for all the negative things they do to you.

Now, you want revenge and want to manifest bad karma on them. But, can you really do that?

It is possible to manifest karma on someone who has hurt you. Whatever you think and believe with complete faith will happen in reality. If badly want someone to get hurt as they have done to you, you can manifest it.

In this post, you’ll find out how to manifest karma on someone. So, keep reading.

How to manifest karma on someone?

To manifest karma on someone, you need to think of a person who has hurt you in past. Then, think of all the horrible things that you want to happen to them.

You can visualize someone having bad karma in their life.

There is no denying that you can’t manifest bad to others, but you want to use this power very cautiously. Because this strategy can backfire and hurt you.

You may have noticed that whenever we think of bad things that we want to happen to others, feeling of negativity and hatred come to our consciousness.  This negative energy is very bad and can have some serious consequences in your life.

In short, if you’re attracting bad karma for others, you’re also attracting bad karma for yourself too. Manifesting bad things for others can hurt you. Remember it when you think of manifesting karma on someone.

So, we don’t recommend you to manifest bad things for others.

Karma simply means bad things happen to people who have done bad to others. It is nature’s law. It happens naturally and will happen at some point. People who have done bad deeds will get punished for his/her action. Nature will do that to them.

People who have hurt you will get the negative consequences of their bad actions by nature. So, let nature do its work.

Don’t make yourself get hurt in the process of hurting someone who will definitely have bad karma on its own.

Instead, if someone has hurt you in any way, forgive them and let the Universe decide the punishment they will get from their deed.

Get rid of such negative or toxic people from your life if you have not already. The Law of attraction can help you get rid of them.

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How long does it take to manifest karma on someone?

There is no definite timeline by which you can manifest karma on someone. It depends on how badly you want to manifest it and how well you practice the law of attraction.

Again, it is recommended to manifest karma on someone. You’ll attract only negative things in your life if you decide to do so.

Can you manifest bad things for others?

Yes, you can manifest bad things for others. The law of attraction work both in a positive and negative way. You can use it to make your life and others beautiful and wonderful. And, you can also use it to make someone’s life worse.

But, if you manifest bad things for others, you have to face some serious consequences as result. Your life also gets impacted in a negative way if you ever manifest bad things for others.

Can you manifest harm on someone?

Manifesting harm to someone is possible using the law of attraction. You can do so by thinking about it frequently and believing that it will happen.

However, we don’t advise you to do so. By manifesting harm on someone, you’re not only hurting other people but also hurting yourself in the process. So, remember it.


Now, you know that it is possible to manifest karma on someone, you can practice the law of attraction to do it. However, remember that you’ll get hurt or attract bad karma whenever you hurt other people with the power of your thoughts.

Your thoughts are very powerful. Don’t waste it on such a futile issue. Instead, use the law of attraction and the power of your thought to create a beautiful life for yourself.