Do you want your boyfriend or some specific person to marry you? Do you want a marriage proposal from them?

On average, a couple waits for about five years before getting married. And many surveys have shown that women are more interested in getting married than men while in a relationship.

If you want to marry your boyfriend or someone you love, but they are not interested as you, you can use the law of attraction to manifest a dream marriage with them.

With the law of attraction, you can manifest a marriage proposal from your boyfriend. You can marry the person you like within the shortest period. You can have a spouse who not only loves and respect you. Who also is committed, trustable and honest.

In this post, we’ll know how the law of attraction can help you manifest marriage with a specific person. Also, you find out the proven manifestation methods to manifest marriage with a specific person.


Can you manifest marriage with a specific person?

manifest marriage with a specific person: man and woman holding hands

To quickly answer your questions: Yes. 

It is possible to manifest marriage with a specific person. That means if you want to get married to your boyfriend or girlfriend who is not interested in marriage, you can do so with the law of attraction.

With the law of attraction, you can change the mind of people.

When you practice the law of attraction technique such as visualization, acting as if, or affirmation, you develop a positive mindset, optimistic attitude, and faith that you’ll accomplish your goal.

The law of attraction changes the programming of your subconscious mind. It makes you someone who attracts success easily. In other words, you become the person who easily manifests good marriage with a specific person without any delay.

With the help of the law of attraction, many people have successfully manifested a perfect partner.

Marriage manifestation success story

Sonia, a successful software engineer and a happy wife from the United States shares her success story on thesecret. tv. She reveals how she used the law of attraction to manifest the perfect husband and dream wedding.

Though she had been in the wrong relationship couple of times and gained some weight at that time, she always wished to get married to the person she admire. 

To manifest her husband, she made a detailed list of qualities that she wanted to see in her future husband. She knew exactly what her husband would look like and what qualities he would have.

After completing the list, she let go of the outcome. She had a feeling that she would surely manifest her ideal husband soon. So she never holds on too much to the result. Instead, she enjoys her life for the best.

Six months later, she met her husband at one of the dating sites. They exchanged a few messages and phone calls. Instantly, she felt deeply connected to him, and he also felt the same way.

Finally, they met each other. To her surprise, he never made her feel insecure. He accepted her as who she was.

After a few months of dating, he purposed to her with a ring. And, within a few years, they got married in the typical Indian style she always dreamed about.

To her, she said it was like dream. She never had been happier in her life as she manifested a husband who matched 98% of the qualities she had wanted to see in a husband.

 Like Sonia and many others, you can also manifest your dream marriage with the person you want. You don’t have to compromise with your wedding. You can have a perfect married life with your boyfriend or girlfriend.

Now, let’s move to the most important question: how to manifest marriage with a specific person?


How to manifest marriage with a specific person?

manifest marriage with a specific person: man in gray suit and woman in white wedding dress

To successfully manifest marriage with a specific person, you should know the exact steps that other people, who manifested dream weddings, followed while using the law of attraction.

Follow these proven steps to manifest marriage with specific persons using the law of attraction:

#1 Know your partner well

Make a list of all the qualities you want to see in your future husband. Have a clear picture of your partner and his/her qualities in your mind. 

Knowing your partner well is the first and most important step in manifesting marriage. 

Do you want your partner to love you more than you do? Do you want full commitment, trust, and attention from your partner? Is it good communication, honesty, and faithfulness you want from your partner?

Whatever qualities it is that you want to have in your partner, have clarity about them.


#2 Visualize your dream marriage

Visualization of a goal is one of the powerful manifestation techniques to manifest it. It shows the Universe your exact intention. It leaves an impression on the subconscious mind similar to real events. 

The subconscious mind can’t differentiate the events that are a figment of your imagination and the real events. That means if you visualize your dream marriage, your subconscious mind will perceive it as a true event.

Once the subconscious mind believes that you’re married to a specific person, you will start to see the opportunities hidden before. You will attract things that will eventually lead you to marry a person with all the qualities you want to see in your future partner.

So start visualizing your marriage to manifest it into reality.

Visualize your boyfriend purposing you. Imagine your partner kneeling before you holding a ring, and asking you for marriage. Imagine your engagement. Next, imagine yourself planning for marriage; going shopping for dresses; buying the wedding ring; booking a wedding venue.

Finally, imagine the big day of your life- a wedding day. Visualize yourself in a beautiful wedding dress. See all the guests that have come to your wedding. You’re now standing in front of your life partner. Imagine exchanging rings, taking wedding vows, kissing, cutting the cake, drinking wine, dancing, tossing bouquets, and giving a wedding speech.

In short, visualize yourself getting married in your wedding ceremony with a special ritual.

#3 Plan for marriage

plan for marriage: person writing bucket list on book

Don’t just wish to get married take action instead as if you’re going to get married soon to your ideal partner.

In short, plan for your marriage.

Decide on the wedding ceremony. Search for the venue; zero in on the wedding dress you or your partner would wear on the marriage day. Find the wedding ring you want to exchange for an ornament you would wear.

Likewise, create a list of guests that you want to invite. Plan what your wedding card will look like. Think about the food, cake, and wine you like to have in your marriage.

Plan your honeymoon. Find the picture of a beautiful destination where your heart is longing to go with your partner after marriage. Think about the fun thing you will do at your honeymoon destination.

Though it may sound absurd, it is the only way to show the Universe that you’re very serious about your goal. It also shows your confidence and faith in manifesting a dream marriage with your boyfriend or girlfriend or specific person with all the qualities of your future partner.

Tips: Find the pictures of the wedding venue, ring, dress, food, cake, honeymoon destination, or everything that is related to your dream marriage, then paste them on your vision board.

When you look at these pictures every day, your subconscious mind will start to believe in them after a few weeks. And then only then you’ll manifest a perfect wedding with the perfect partner that you always wished for.


#4 Act as if you’re already married

To manifest marriage, start to think and act like husband or wife. Act as if you’re already married to a specific person.

Wherever you go and whatever you do, think as if you’re with your partner.

For example, from now create a place for your bed partner. Reserve a chair for your future husband while eating in the restaurant. Make room for your partner’s clothes in the cupboard.

Such action will remind you goal of getting married. It will instill hope in you. It provides faith in the Universe and the law of attraction that you will manifest marriage very soon.


#5 Imagine life after the wedding

Next, you need to imagine how your life will be after the wedding.

Think where you would live. What would you do together? How many kids would you have? Imagine your life with your partner.

The key is to imagine beautiful moments in your life after the wedding. When your vision of life after marriage is beautiful and something to look forward to, you become inspired to take action and practice the law of attraction daily.


#6 Recite these affirmations to manifest marriage

Say yourself the powerful affirmations to change your belief and mindset about marriage.

Currently, you may be holding a negative belief about marriage which is stopping you from getting married to your dream partner. By reciting these marriage affirmations, you can get rid of all the self-limiting beliefs you have.

Affirmation for marriage

  • I deserve unconditional love, romance, and Joy in life.
  • I attract my dream marriage with my boyfriend/ girlfriend.
  • I attract only committed and devoted spouses.
  • I am loveable.
  • Today, purpose me for marriage and I accepted it with endless joy.
  • I and [Name of your partner] are getting married now.
  • I have the power and freedom to marry the person I love.
  • My marriage is the best thing that happened to me.
  • Marriage is a beautiful thing that let two soulmates complete each other.
  • I am married to my soulmate who understands and loves me more than I do myself.


#7 Show gratitude and have faith

Once you finish with the above steps, your job is not done yet. You have the most crucial things to do- be thankful and have faith in the universe.

To manifest anything, takes some time depending on your goal. That means you won’t immediately see the result. Expecting overnight result is not only foolish but also act to delay the manifestation.

Instead, keep practicing the law of attraction with unwavering faith. Show gratitude for everything that you have and every beauty that happens in your life.

Let go of the outcome. Don’t get obsessed with the result. Keep practicing the law of attraction with complete faith and hope as it is the key to manifesting any goal.



It is possible to manifest marriage with a specific person. Your ideal partner may be your boyfriend, girlfriend, or someone who has not entered your life yet.

Marriage is a big event in one’s life. Don’t hurry up while getting married. Don’t compromise when choosing a partner as the wrong decision can ruin your whole life.

Instead, use the law of attraction to manifest marriage with the person who holds all the qualities you want to see in your future husband. Follow the above-mentioned steps to manifest your dream marriage.

Remember, it may take some time a few weeks or months maybe. Meanwhile, keep practicing the law of attraction with utmost faith in the Universe and your ability to manifest.

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