_Manifest Pregnancy Using The Law of Attraction

Are you trying to manifest pregnancy using the law of attraction?

To manifest pregnancy using the law of attraction, first, have a positive mindset, set an intention, and then prepare yourself for your future child. Visualize a perfect pregnancy and do meditation and affirmations daily.

Infertility and miscarriage are on the rise. Unfortunately, not all women can conceive, and not all pregnancies reach its full term. Research has shown that about 10 to 15 percent of pregnancies end in miscarriage.

There are different reasons for miscarriage and infertility: Genetics, abnormal shape of the uterus, immunological, and incompetent cervical. But, whatever the reasons for not being able to conceive, you can always count on the law of attraction.

In this post, you will find six simple ways to successfully manifest pregnancy using the law of attraction. Also, discover powerful affirmations and crystals that will help you manifest perfect pregnancy with a healthy baby.


Manifest pregnancy using the law of attraction (6 Proven methods) 

Manifest pregnancy using the law of attraction: pregnant near door

#1 Develop a positive mindset and have unwavering faith

A positive mindset is a must, especially, when it comes to successfully conceiving a healthy child with the help of the law of attraction.

Your thoughts and belief not just can change body physiology by releasing chemicals from the brain, they can also influence gene activity.

That means you can get pregnant if you allow only positive thoughts to enter your subconscious mind. In addition to that, having a positive mindset raises the vibration level of your body.

And, if you’re vibrating with higher energy while using the law of attraction, you can easily and quickly manifest your dream.

Not being able to conceive or miscarriage can be a frustrating and heartbreaking experience. But, you’ve to have faith in yourself and the law of attraction. You should be willing to step into the unknown and try a different approach to getting pregnant. Don’t let fear and temporary defeat stop you from manifesting pregnancy.

Having faith in a drug that has no therapeutic effect whatsoever can cure a patient completely. That’s called a placebo effect. Similarly, if you believe in the law of attraction that it can help you get pregnant, you’ll eventually get pregnant.

But, you have to show unwavering faith in the universe and the law of attraction. You simply can’t manifest your desire without belief and trust.

In short, develop a positive mindset to raise your vibration and show complete faith in the law of attraction before you begin the manifestation process.


#2 Set your intention and prepare yourself for your future child

Manifest pregnancy using the law of attraction: man kissing woman's forehead white holding ultrasound photo

After developing a positive mindset and faith, ask the universe to bring your desire of being pregnant into reality.

While asking the universe for help, be clear and specific. Do you want to manifest single or twin pregnancy? What special qualities do you want to see in your future child? Do you want to manifest a baby boy or a baby girl?

If you’re not clear and specific while setting intention, you’ll struggle to manifest or you’ll not get exactly what you’ve desired.

Besides telling the universe what your desires are, you need to show them in your action. That means you should prepare yourself for your future children even if they haven’t come into the world yet.

First, prepare your body to get pregnant and continue it to the full term without any difficulties. Take healthy foods, exercise, and have positive expectations.

Secondly, buy clothes for your future children, design a nursery, and take a parenting class or read a book about it.

In short, practice being a parent before you become one. You see, the law of attraction doesn’t work without action. You need to show the universe that you’re serious about getting pregnant by taking inspired action.

So, be clear and specific while you ask about your desire for the universe and prepare yourself as a parent for your future child.

manifest pregnancy using the law of attraction- preparing for baby


#3 Visualize a perfect pregnancy and healthy baby

Visualizing your dream will program the subconscious mind to change thought patterns and belief systems.

If you daily visualize your dream, you will eventually start to believe that it is possible to manifest it into reality. You’ll develop thoughts, mindsets, and behavior that support your dream and help you achieve it.

To manifest pregnancy using the law of attraction, you need to visualize your ideal pregnancy.

While making love, imagine divine light coming from the universe entering your womb. Imagine a pregnancy test kit showing a positive result. Imagine a perfectly healthy baby and its movement in the womb. And, imagine playing with your baby boy or baby girl.

While visualizing try to use all your five senses to make it as realistic as possible. In addition to that, you need to feel the emotion as it raises your vibration level necessary for quick manifestation.

Visualizing a goal can be difficult and distracting especially if you have doubt and fear that you won’t be able to achieve it.

You need something that can help you visualize your dream without the interference of the conscious mind. Mind movie and vision board will help you do just that.

Create a vision board and pin pictures of a baby that you like to manifest with the help of the law of attraction. A picture of a mother smiling at her healthy baby will be perfect for visualization as it shows exactly what you want. And, imagine yourself in the place of your mother in the picture whenever you look at it.

A happy mother smiling at her child

Next, you can also create a mind movie that includes pictures or videos representing the outcome of your desire, affirmation, and uplifting music.

Visualization is crucial to your manifestation as it programs the subconscious mind and increases vibration levels by tapping into emotion. So, visualize having a perfect pregnancy with a healthy baby in your womb.


#4 Repeat these positive and powerful affirmations for pregnancy

You may have negative thoughts and belief about being pregnant that is preventing you from getting pregnant.

That is why you need positive affirmations which when repeated frequently help you get rid of these self-sabotaging thoughts.

Here are 11 positive affirmations to reprogram your subconscious mind to get pregnant:

  1. My body is beautiful, feminine, and fertile.
  2. My body is well nourished to easily accept my baby.
  3. My reproductive organs are vitals and healthy.
  4. My uterus is safe and comfortable home for my baby.
  5. I am devinely chosen to be  the mother of my healthy baby.
  6. I am destined to be a mother.
  7. I appreciate and celebrate the gift of pregnancy and motherhood.
  8. My partner and I love creating beautiful life and we both rejoice the good news of getting pregnant.
  9. I can already feel my baby inside me.
  10. I am pregnant. I am pregnant. I am pregnant.
  11. I am grateful for getting pregnant.

Repeat these affirmations in the morning immediately after you wake up and before you go to sleep at night. Don’t just recite these affirmations, feel the emotion along the way.


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#5 Don’t just hope for pregnancy, take inspired action

The law of attraction brings opportunities and favorable circumstances your way. But, it is you who need to recognize it and take inspired action to manifest your dreams.

How do you know what the universe is trying to say? Listen to your intuition. You’ll have a  hunch and inspiration to do something, go somewhere, or meet someone.

In addition to that, you need to observe your body’s physiology to maximize the chance of getting pregnant.

Know your fertile window which is seven days before expected ovulation for most women with a regular cycle. And, make love during your fertile window to increase the odds of getting pregnant.

Taking action shows that you’re serious about your goal.  If you’re willing to do your part, the universe will eventually listen to your prayers and send a perfect pregnancy and healthy baby into your life.



#6 Surrender yourself to the universe and allow yourself to receive

To receive your gift from the universe you have to surrender yourself. Don’t resist the change. Allow yourself to receive.

When you frequently think of the outcome of your desire and do not see it manifested into reality makes you frustrated, angry, and doubtful. Such feelings are negative energy and make you out of alignment from your manifestation.

Don’t force your manifestation. Understand that you’re life is already perfect. Think that pregnancy brings more joy and happiness not that you only become happy once you become pregnant.

It will be easier for you to manifest pregnancy if you release the need for it.

The bottom line is you’ve to let go of the outcome of your desire and surrender yourself completely to the universe believing that it will manifest an ideal pregnancy for you.


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To conclude, the law of attraction can help you to manifest pregnancy by changing your thoughts and belief. Your thoughts have the power to change your body’s physiology and your life. So, be conscious of your thought pattern.

To manifest pregnancy, you need to first have a positive mindset, and then ask the universe for your desire of getting pregnant.

Then, practice the law of attraction techniques like visualization or affirmation daily to reprogram your subconscious and to make your mind believe in the possibility of manifesting pregnancy.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: Can you manifest twin pregnancy by using the law of attraction?

Yes, you can manifest twin pregnancies. Manifesting twin pregnancy is similar to manifesting normal pregnancy but you’ve to visualize and prepare yourself for a twin pregnancy.

Q2: Can you manifest pregnancy for someone else?

It is possible to manifest pregnancy for someone else. We all human beings are connected. Our thought about someone can affect their life. Like manifesting someone’s good health, you can manifest pregnancy for someone you love.

Q3: What are the best crystals to manifest pregnancy?

Unakite, Rose Quartz, Rhodonite, Moonstone, and Botswana are the best crystals for pregnancy.

Q4: Can a full moon increase your chance of getting pregnant?

Yes, research has shown that the vaginal Ph of the ovulated women was alkaline during a full moon. Alkaline Ph is one of the factors to get pregnant easily. Ovulation at full moon not only increases your chance of getting pregnant but also increases the chance of getting pregnant with a baby boy.

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