Is it possible to manifest sunshine using the law of attraction?

On a sunny day, you can go for a pike, enjoy time with your friends and family at the park, take your dog for a walk, enjoy nature, and many more.

But, can you manifest it, especially when you live in a place where sunshine is rare? Or, can you make the sky clear and attract beautiful sunny days during the rainy or winter seasons?

Yes, you can!

You can use the law of attraction to manifest sunshine. Our thoughts are very powerful and they can become reality if we focus on them with complete faith.

Not only sunshine, but you can also manifest rain, snow day, or any weather that you love.

In this post, however, you’ll learn how to manifest sunshine using the law of attraction. You’ll learn to attract a perfect sunny day to enjoy. So, keep reading.

Can You Manifest Sunshine?

Of course, you don’t have control over when there will sunshine or when dark clouds hover in the sky. It does not mean that you can not manifest sunshine.

The only hindrance in your path to manifesting a picturesque sunny day is the doubt and fear you hold within you.

You may be thinking: A sunny day is a natural phenomenon. How can you control it? It is impossible to do so. It is true that sunshine occurs naturally.

But, we ask you not to focus on how it happens. We want you to focus on your desire. We want you to work on your belief system.  Because whatever you think of, and believe in can be manifested in reality.

If you want to manifest sunshine, you can do so, but you have to have complete faith in the Universe or God you believe in.

Now, let’s move on to how to use the law of attraction to attract warming days. Find out the proven steps that you need to follow in order to do so.

How to Manifest Sunshine?

Step 1: Find out why you want to manifest sunshine

First of all, you need to be clear about what you want and why you want it. The clearer your vision, the more likely it is that your dreams will come true.

You want sunshine. That’s good. But, you have to decide when you want it and why.

Maybe you have some celebration coming up for which you require sunshine, or maybe you want to go out with your friends and your day to make lovely and pleasant. For whatever reason you want sunshine, you should be clear about it.

Write down your goal of manifesting sunshine with a compelling reason, then your goal doesn’t just remain a wish, it changes to a powerful burning desire. And, you need not just some wish but a burning desire to manifest.

Step 2: Ask the Universe

Now, pray to the Universe or God, whatever you believe in, to make a certain day a sunny day. It responds to your prayer when you have a burning desire and have complete faith in it.

To ask the Universe for manifesting sunshine, say a loud, ” Dear Universe! I believe in you. I know you respond to my every wish. I want to manifest a beautiful sunny day tomorrow. I love sunshine and it makes me feel good. It brings life with it. I have faith in you. Please send a sunny day my way. Thank you!”

Repeat these sentences over and over until you feel like the Universe has listened to you.

Next, add visualization and affirmation to your daily routine. These simple law of attraction techniques will help you program the subconscious mind with the idea of manifesting sunshine, and it also helps you get rid of limiting beliefs that are holding you back.

Step 3: Visualize enjoying the sunshine

When you visualize the events, your mind interprets them as reality. The mind can’t separate the real image and the image that you imagine.

Visualization makes a change in the neuron of the brain similar to a person who has already experienced a thing you want to manifest such as sunshine.

It plays an important role when it comes to manifesting things in our lives through the law of attraction. So start visualizing your desire.

To manifest sunshine, visualize enjoying it. See in your mind, a blue clear sky with a few white clouds wandering here and there. Feel the coolness of the air that touches your skin. Take a deep breath inhaling fresh air. 

Imagine yourself facing the sun eye closed. Feel the warmth on your face. Smile and say ” Thank you! Universe.”Look up at the sky and show gratitude to the Universe for bringing sunshine out of nowhere.

Step 4: Affirmations

Affirmations, like visualization, can also help you program the subconscious mind and get rid of the limiting belief that you’re holding about the manifestation of sunshine.

Affirmations are powerful words that you need to say out loud or repeat silently to yourselves throughout the day to help you remain focused on your intentions and let go of any resistance that may keep us from getting what you want.

Here are the powerful affirmations to manifest sunshine:

  • I love sunny days.
  • Sunshine brings life to everything it touches.
  • I enjoy walking in the park on a warm and sunny day.
  • I want to see sunshine very soon.
  • I believe I will see the sunshine very soon.
  • I know the Universe will send the sunshine in my way.
  • I feel grateful to enjoy the sunshine.

Repeat these affirmations at least two times a day preferably in the morning and at night to manifest sunshine.

Step 5: Let go and Recieve

Doubt and fear might come into your consciousness even if try not to have it. Don’t fret about it. Just know that they are there and keep practicing the visualizations and affirmations.

Next, you need to let go of the outcome. You should expect to see sunshine soon but you should not get obsessed with seeing the result.

Instead, practice the law of attraction, have faith in the Universe, and you’ll receive whatever you asked for.

And, that’s how you manifest sunshine using the law of attraction.


Though sunshine seems not in your control as it is a natural phenomenon, you can still manifest it at your will.

Don’t underestimate the power of your thoughts and faith. You can manifest whatever you focus on with faith. That means you can manifest sunshine too.

Follow the steps mentioned above with belief that it is possible to manifest sunshine and you’ll manifest it.