manifestation tips for beginners

As a beginner in manifestation, people make mistakes that not only cost them time but also prevent them from living their best life.

Imagine. You’ve been studying the law of attraction. You read tons of books and watched thousands of law of attraction videos on YouTube. You’ve been practicing manifestation daily. Yet, you didn’t manifest your desire though you’ve done everything you could, possibly,  do.

What goes wrong here?

It doesn’t mean that you are not capable of manifesting your dream. It doesn’t mean you’re unintelligent or stupid. It, simply, means you don’t know the right approach and technique for successful manifestation.

Let’s face it.  You’ve been making some mistakes if you’re not seeing any result that you’ve wished for.

That’s why the learning process of manifestation from experts or people who have gained experience is very crucial for your success while manifesting.

Keep reading to learn 20+ manifestation tips for beginners from experts. Remember, you don’t want to miss these manifestation tips if you’re serious about manifesting your dreams and desire.

21 Manifestation Tips For Beginners from experts( Helpful Tips)

Tips#1 Believe in the law of attraction and your ability to manifest

Trying to manifest to check whether the law of attraction works or not is the most common mistake people make.

They hear about the law of attraction online or from their friend. They get curious and amazed by other’s people success at manifestation. So they decided to try it themselves.

When they don’t see any results after practicing the law of attraction for a few weeks, they abandon it. They believe the law of attraction is just a pseudoscience for tree huggers or for marketers who earn money selling stuff about it.

Nothing can be further from the truth than thinking that the law of attraction is the woo-woo stuff. They don’t get any results because they don’t have faith and believe in the law of attraction.

You see, to get success at manifestation, you need to have unwavering faith in the law of attraction and yourself.

Another common mistake people make is that they don’t believe in themselves. They don’t believe in their creative power and the power of their thoughts. They underestimate themselves. They doubt their ability to manifest their desire.

Remember, we all have the inner power to create our life. Recognize and tap into this power and you’ll manifest anything you want in your life.

In short, the first manifestation tip for beginners is to believe in the law of attrition and your ability to manifest using it.

Tips#2 Know what you want to manifest

First and foremost, you have to have a clear goal or vision to manifest it in the reality. Nothing can be more harmful to your manifestation than not having a clear and specific goal.

If you don’t have a clear goal, you’ll be changing your mind all the time. By doing so, you’re confusing the Universe about your desire. That’s why it takes a longer time to manifest or you see no result in some cases.

So, decide, first, what is it that you want to manifest. Don’t chase the goal that other people want for you. Your goal should be meaningful to you. It should be yours only. It should make you feel good whenever you think about it.

Tips#3 Don’t Focus on things you don’t want

We tend to think about things that we don’t want in our life more than things we want in our life. Why?

That’s because we don’t want to get into any trouble. It is the in-built response of our system that we’ve acquired since the age of hunter and gatherers. Our ancient first had to think about the potential dangers in the environment to survive.

Things that you don’t want seem a potential danger to you, so you keep thinking about finding the solution to avoid it. But, thinking about all the things that you don’t want is not helpful at all.

It makes you accidentally attract more things that you’re trying to avoid.

But, the good news is you can think about things you want instead of thinking about things that you don’t want in your life.

Be conscious of your thoughts. Observe it. And, whenever you find yourself thinking about the negative aspect of your goal, replace it with the outcome you want to happen.

Instead of saying I don’t want to fail the exam, say I want to manifest good grades in the exam.

In short, focus on things you want because you manifest the things where your attention and energy go. If you keep saying things you don’t want, you’ll eventually attract things you’re avoiding.

Tips#4 Accept your current reality

When manifesting your desire, you don’t have to deny your current reality.

Denying the current reality of your life means you’re constantly thinking about it. It means you’re focusing on things you don’t want.

And, where your focus goes, your energy follows. Then, you’ll feel stuck in your current situation because you’re unknowingly attracting more of the same current situation in your life by denying it.

So, accept your current situation. Embrace it. However, always seeks a better situation and better life and takes action for it.

Tips#5 Gain confidence by manifesting small things first

I recommend manifesting small things first if you’re a complete beginner who has not manifested anything yet.

The reason why you need to manifest small things first are:

  • It will give you confidence in your ability to manifest.
  • When you get success at manifestation, you’ll know that the law of attraction works which increases your faith in it.
  • Small things can be manifested quickly and easily.
  • It prevents you from quitting the law of attraction as you will get results faster than trying to manifest things that require time, perseverance, and strong belief.

So, as a beginner, try to manifest small things such as a gift, a $100 bill, butterflies, a rainbow, etc.

Manifesting small things boost your confidence and faith to manifest bigger goal using the law of attraction.

Tips#6 Don’t forget, you’re always manifesting

Remember, the law of attraction like gravity is always working for you or against you even if you’re not conscious of it.

Don’t assume that you’re only manifesting your dream when practicing different manifestation techniques. You’re always manifesting.

That’s why it is important to maintain a positive state throughout the day.

Think positive thoughts and feel good most of the time as it raises your vibration. When you vibrate at a higher level, your manifestation will appear in reality more easily than you imagined.

Tips#7 Kill your self-doubt and fear

Self-doubt and fear are the worst enemies of your manifestation.

If you doubt yourself and your ability to manifest, you won’t get any manifestation success. Period.

You see, doubt and fear create negative energy. They decrease your vibration and suck out the creative energy required for manifestation.

I know that getting rid of self-doubt and fear is not an easy task. But, you’ve to overcome them to successfully attract the things you want most.

Tips#8 Feeling is key to manifestation

Do you know what is the most important ingredient to achieve the goal using the law of attraction?

No, it’s not planning or taking action, or setting a clear goal.

Don’t get confused.  These are all important. But, the most important thing that you need while manifesting is your emotions and feelings.

How do you feel about your goal? When you think of your desire what emotion do you feel?

You see, positive feelings and emotions about your goals make it easy to manifest by raising your vibration.

In addition, when you practice the law of attraction in the high vibrational state, you can easily send your message into the Universe and talk to Him.

Tips#9 Don’t wait for manifestation to happen to feel good

People wait for manifestation to happen so that they become happy. It’s a huge mistake people make when manifesting.

The truth is you’ll attract your dream quicker when you feel good, think good, and feel excited about its manifestation.

Don’t wait for dreams to turn into reality to feel good and to be happy. Instead, be happy, feel excited, and be optimistic about your goal.

Tips#10 Show gratitude for things you already have

Do you want to manifest better things? First, be grateful for the things that you already have in your life.

Show gratitude for everything that is giving you comfort or making your life easy right now. They may seem small or meaningless to you but you’ve to appreciate them for being in your life. That’s the key to manifestation.

Have you ever shown gratitude to the universe for anything in your life? How does it feel?

It feels good. Right?

It brings a smile to your face. It instantly raises your vibration level. You get a surge of positive energy in your body.

By showing gratitude and appreciating things already present in your life, you show yourself worthy of good things to the Universe.

Make a habit of showing gratitude for things you already have in your life every day.

Tips#11 Take daily inspired action

When people say there is no action necessary while manifesting using the law of attraction,  that’s a real stretch on things.

Writings goals, saying affirmations, visualization, scripting, or doing meditation are some of the actions that you should take to manifest. Besides that, you need to take inspired action to achieve your goal.

What is inspired action?

When you know what needs to be done, and what steps need to be taken to move in the direction of your dreams, that’s inspired action. It is an intuition-based urge to do tasks related to your goal.

Taking inspired action is more effective than taking deliberate and desperate action.

If you’re not taking inspired action, you’re making the most terrible mistakes when it comes to manifesting your dreams.

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Tips#12 Be consistent in your practice

Consistency builds momentum. It leads to progress and makes you feel good about your goals as you can see improvement with each step you take.

But, most people, after a few weeks of practice, tend to put things off when manifesting. Why?

Two reasons:

  •  They try the law of attraction to manifest after getting excited by seeing the result of other people. They don’t have a burning desire to manifest. So, when they don’t see any results, they start to procrastinate.
  • People start to put things off as the process of manifestation becomes a boring task. Nobody enjoys saying a daily affirmation, doing visualization, or scripting. There is no fun doing these repetitive tasks daily. But, they are necessary.

Though the practice of the law of attraction seems a tedious task, you have to keep practicing them. There is no other way out. You need to be consistent in your practice.

Tips#13 Be cautious of other people’s negative energy

You want to share your dream or success with your friend. You want to tell them how you manifested your desire.

You think it is a good thing to share your feeling about your goal with people. It’s not entirely true.

Remember, not all people are happy about your success.

So, take some precautions while talking about your goal to other people. Some people who are not successful in their life when listening to good things that are happening in your life, feel jealous and give negative vibrations.

Such negative feelings and vibrations impede your manifestation. So be cautious of other people’s negative energy.

Tips#14 Instead of complaining, take responsibility for your life

If something goes wrong or someone stops you from achieving your dreams, don’t complain about it.

Instead, take responsibility for everything that happens in your life. Indeed, you’ll sometimes get into situations where you’ve no direct control over them but they affect your goals and dreams.

In such situations, it seems logical to blame others or to complain. But, the act of complaining or blaming other people is not going to help you.

Take responsibility for your life. Don’t blame. Don’t complain.

Accept your mistakes and failure. Learn from it and keep pursuing your goal and dream.

Tips#15 Never miss a chance to improve yourself

No offense but, if you’re not living the life you wanted to live, it means you’ve not become the person who deserves that life.

You see, you only attract things in your life that you deserve. Your success is equal to the person you become.

That’s why it is necessary to improve yourself on daily basis. Improve yourself mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Change your personality because by doing so you’ll be able to change your life. So, never miss a chance to improve yourself.

Tips#16 Keep positive thoughts and kick out negative ones

Our thoughts create our reality. Positive thoughts bring positive outcomes, and negative thoughts give negative outcomes in one’s life.

This is the principle behind the law of attraction.

People who are successful at manifestation are those who have taken control of their thoughts. They are conscious of their thoughts and only let positive thoughts enter the subconscious mind.

So, be conscious of your thoughts. Make a habit of thinking only positive thoughts.

Tips#17 Stop comparing yourself with people

Do you know how most people measure their success?

They compare it with other people. But, don’t make the same mistake as most people make. Don’t compare yourself to another person.

You’re unique. Your life is different. You’ve different circumstances, challenges, and dreams. That’s why it is not wise to compare your life with other people’s life.

When you do a comparison, you only see good things other people are having or enjoying. If you find your life miserable or a failure that creates negative energy which stops you from manifesting good things in your life.

So, avoid comparing your life or success with that of other people.

Tips#18 Provide love and support to people around you

One of the most common mistakes a beginner makes while manifesting is that they only focus on what they want without making any contribution to other’s people life.

You have to give to receive back. Share your knowledge with people, and help them achieve what they want.

Provide value to people, family, community, and the world and you’ll surely manifest what you desire.

Tips#19 Let go of the outcome and enter into a flow state instead

Don’t get obsessed with the outcome of your manifestation. Don’t get consumed by results, once you set your intention. Instead, focus on entering into a flow state.

But, remember, I am not saying to forget about your desire. Keep taking action to achieve your goal, but don’t stress too much about the result. Why?

When you focus on the result it makes you constantly check the result but if you don’t find any of them you get sad and enter into a low vibrational state.

Tips#20 Learn the art of manifestation from expert

To know the right methods or techniques of manifestation, you should keep learning the law of attraction from experts.

These people have in-depth knowledge of manifestation. Furthermore, they have years of experience in how to manifest.

Learning from the expert gives you an extra edge in your manifestation journey that you don’t want to miss.

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Tips#21 Don’t rush the process of manifestation

Don’t try to manipulate or rush the process of manifestation.

Scripting hundreds of times a day, saying affirmations all the time, or constantly thinking about goals only hamper your manifestation. Practicing more doesn’t necessarily mean better.

You’ve to give the universe time to work on your manifestation. The law of attraction takes time to work depending on your desire and faith.

So, don’t rush the process of manifestation. Keep it natural. Keep it simple.


Manifestation tips could be really helpful in your manifestation journey if you apply them.

Now, you know the common mistakes people make. Don’t repeat these mistakes.

Learn from experts.  Apply these manifestation tips for beginners to see the manifestation appear quickly and easily in your reality.