Mayan Wisdom Academy Review: Complete Buyer’s Guide

Native Mayan spiritual leaders have answers to every problem you have in your life.

Ancient Mayan wisdom that comes from lifetime learning and practice holds the power to get true happiness, joy, and purpose. That said, you don’t have to travel to Guatemalan and convince real native Mayan spiritual teachers for sacred ancient Mayan wisdom. 

By being a member of Mayan Wisdom Academy you can now have access to knowledge of indigenous Mayan spiritual teachers to achieve any goal in your life.

In the Mayan Wisdom Academy Review post, you’ll learn how Mayan Wisdom Academy can help you manifest your dream, the cost of membership, benefits of being a member of an awesome thriving community for spiritual growth.

Mayan Wisdom Academy Review- Overview

Product: Mayan Wisdom Academy

Creator:  Solveig

What you’ll get?

  1. Video Courses
  2. Practical Exercises
  3. New Meditation Content Each Month
  4. Live Webinar to Connect Directly With Native Teacher
  5. Membership to Mayan Wisdom Academy Community

Why buy it?

  • To learn ancient Mayan wisdom and bring true joy and happiness in life.
  • To clear disease, emotional stress, and worries
  • To  get financial freedom and abundant life
  • To manifest toxic people out of your life
  • To become part of a community where people help each other grow and prosper

Cost: Check Price (Special Discount)

Upsell: N/A

Is it legit?

  • Offer 60 days full money-back guarantee.
  •  Mayan Wisdom Academy has Facebook and Instagram profiles with lots of followers and engaging users.
  • Multiple payment methods are available. The payment process is secured by ClickBank.
  • Plus, thousands of people are members of Mayan Wisdom Academy to learn the true meaning of life and to achieve their goals and dream.

Official website:

Get Your Membership Today And Learn Ancient Wisdom From Indigenous Spiritual Leader


What is Mayan Wisdom Academy?

Mayan Wisdom Academy is an online program to learn ancient Mayan wisdom from native Mayan spiritual leaders.

The Mayan civilization is one of the oldest civilizations on earth. Mayan people were not only had in-depth knowledge of the universe, science, astronomy, mathematics, and architecture, they were also advanced in spiritual growth.

Mayan people have kept their powerful wisdom survived by passing it from generation to generation. Ancient Mayan wisdom can help you find the true meaning of your life, achieve any desire, and bring peace and abundance to one’s life.

In Mayan Wisdom Academy, you’ll learn the secret ancient teaching from the native spiritual Mayan leader. You’ll get a video course, monthly meditation sessions, practice sessions, and membership to the Mayan ancient wisdom community.

Mayan Wisdom Academy Review

With Mayan Wisdom Academy, you can learn about spirituality and life from the comfort of your home. You don’t have to travel to Guatemalan and convince natives to teach their secret teaching.

In short, the Mayan Wisdom Academy community is where you learn ancient Mayan wisdom to improve your life and live a meaningful life with the help of a native Mayan spiritual teacher.


Who is the Creator of Mayan Wisdom Academy?

Solveig is the founder of The Mayan Wisdom Project under which she runs the Mayan Wisdom Academy program.Mayan Wisdom Academy Review


She started to learn about Maya Geo-Cosmovision from her father Maya Elder Carlos Barrios at a very early age. She has vast knowledge about the Maya civilization and its legacy. She has learned ancient wisdom from different native Mayans and used teaching in her life.

After applying the Mayan teaching she found her life completely changed in positive life. She started to attract opportunities to earn more money, attract a healthy relationship. Eventually, she found true her true purpose in life.

She knew Mayan people have the wisdom to change anyone’s life but they have kept it secret. She convenience some of the famous native Mayan teachers to teach their teaching the world online.

That’s how she created the online program, Mayan Wisdom Academy, to help people live meaningful lives and achieve their goals.

What you will get inside Mayan Wisdom Academy?

Here is the service you’ll get inside the Mayan Wisdom Academy:

  • Video Course: Learn from the native Mayan teacher through video at any time. You’ll get fresh content every month that teaches the essence of Mayan philosophy. Plus, you can ask them to create a video on whatever topic you want about Mayan culture.
  • Meditations: Mayan meditations are well researched and designed by the native Mayan spiritual leader of Mayan Wisdom Academy. Each month you’ll get access to new meditation content.
  • Practical Exercises: At Mayan Wisdom Academy, you not only get the wisdom to increase your understanding of life and the world but also get practical exercise to apply the teaching in the real life. With the practical exercise, you’ll notice a positive change in your life.
  • Live Webinars: In the monthly live webinar, you’ll get access to the mind of the spiritual leader. You can interact with them and ask for solutions to any problem that you’re going through.
  • Members-Only- Community: You’ll get access to a community of like-minded people who will be helping each other to achieve whatever they want in life.

Who are the native spiritual leaders in Mayan Wisdom Academy?

Mayan Wisdom Academy has a group of true natives, Guatemalan spiritual teachers who have gained immense Mayan Wisdom through lifetime learning and practice.

Here is the leader that will share their ancient powerful wisdom with you for your spiritual and materialistic growth:

#1 Tata Juan Manuel

Tata Juan Manuel’s father and grandfather were great Mayan spiritual leaders and he learned this scared teaching from them. He has been associated with several sacred institutions and has helped thousands of souls to live meaningful and harmonious life.

Mayan Wisdom Academy Review- Tata Juan Manuel


#2 Nana Calixta

With 35 years of experience, Nana Calixta, teach people and get them out of serious problem with the help of Mayan teaching and healing practice. She has worked with the UN in spreading native spirituality.

#3 Tata Carlos

Though Tata Carlos, one of the most renowned Mayan spiritual leaders in the world, is not with us, he left his teaching in videos that are available in the Mayan Wisdom Academy. Before his passing, he wrote two books, traveled the world, and help people get their full potential.

#4 Tata Juan

If you’re going through the toughest illness and blockage right now, Tata Juan can help you get rid of those situations. He is an expert at transmuting negative energy into a positive one.

#5 Tata Miguel

He helps people by healing them through the teaching of the Cholq’ij. Currently, he is specialized in the healing of babies and children.

Benefits of joining Mayan Wisdom Academy

  • In Mayan Wisdom Academy, you’ll learn to manifest out the toxic people who spread negativity in life.
  • Know the true meaning of life and find a purpose to live a joyful life.
  • With the help of ancient Mayan teaching, you’ll get the wisdom to enjoy unlimited financial freedom.
  • Get rid of illness, emotional stress, and worries, and find peace and balance in life.
  • Boost your self-esteem and attract love and healthy relationship.

Pros and Cons of Mayan Wisdom Academy

Pros  Cons
You’ll learn from the true native spiritual leader and get access to their knowledge and wisdom. It needs dedication and time to get any result with the program.
You can learn Mayan teaching to improve your life from the comfort of your home.  
You’ll get access to the community who help each other to achieve their goal.  
You’ll get guided practical exercises, live webinars, and meditation sessions to apply the teaching in real life.  


How much does Mayan Wisdom Academy membership cost?

Mayan Wisdom Academy has the following pricing plan:

  • One-Year Plan: This is a one-time plan priced at $497 including VAT.
  • Monthly Plan: It cost $67 per month including VAT.

Is Mayan Wisdom Academy legit?

The teacher who teaches ancient Mayan healing and spiritual wisdom is a real native spiritual leader. They have been helping people for years to get holistic health, abundant and meaningful life.

Plus, thousands of people are part of the Mayan Wisdom Academy to get a better life with the help of sacred wisdom.

Solveig, the founder of the Mayan Wisdom Project and creator of Mayan Wisdom Academy is the daughter of the renowned Maya Elder Carlos Barrios. Currently, she is learning and practicing the wisdom to become an Ajq’ij(Mayan spiritual leader).

If you’re not satisfied with the Mayan Wisdom Academy or didn’t get any results you cancel your membership at any time and get your money refund within 60 days of purchases.

Mayan Wisdom Academy Review


Mayan Wisdom Academy customer complaints and reviews

Over thousands of people is part of Mayan Wisdom Academy and they are learning secret ancient teaching to improve life from the spiritual leader.

So far, there are no customer complaints about Mayan Wisdom Academy. In fact, most people are giving a positive review about Mayan Wisdom Academy.


Mayan Wisdom Academy Reviews- Conclusion

At Mayan Wisdom Academy, the spiritual leader talks about mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being.

The teaching of Mayan Wisdom has been kept secret from the world for many years. Ancient Mayan people knew to find the true meaning and purpose in life. They had a secret to living a joyful, abundant, and peaceful life.

And, you can learn the same ancient Mayan wisdom at Mayan Wisdom Academy to achieve your dream, and get balance in life.

Get Your Membership Today And Learn Ancient Wisdom From Indigenous Spiritual Leader


Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q1: Is the payment process is safe?

Yes, there are multiple payment methods and your card information is protected by the SSL security of ClickBank.

Q2: Are there other ways to learn ancient Mayan wisdom?

To learn ancient Mayan wisdom, you need to travel to Guatemala and find the true native leader. If you’re lucky enough to find a teacher, you’ve to convince them to reveal their secret.

Q3: Is there any discount to Mayan Wisdom Academy?

Yes, you can get a special discount if you act now. I’ve asked the creator to give a special discount to my reader to get access to her program. Get a special discount on Mayan Wisdom Academy here.

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