7 Easy Steps to Quit Smoking Using the Law of Attraction

Is it possible to quit smoking using the law of attraction? Let’s find out.

But, first, let me tell you, it’s hard to quit smoking. Why?

That’s because nicotine present in tobacco smoke gives smokers a feeling of pleasure and satisfaction. In addition to that, nicotine is considered as addictive as heroin or cocaine.

You will be surprised to know that one of the leading causes of preventable death is smoking. In the United States alone, 1,300 people are dying daily due to cigarette smoking. And, people who smoke die 10 years earlier than non-smokers.

That’s why you should contemplate the idea of quitting smoking once and for all.

There are different ways to quit smoking: Going cold turkey, Behavioural therapy, Nicotine replacement therapy, and taking medication.

But, in this post, we’re going to talk about using the law of attraction to quit smoking.

Keep reading to discover the 7 easy and effective steps to quit smoking using the law of attraction.

7 Easy Steps to Quit Smoking Using the Law of Attraction

Step#1: Accept you are a smoker and find true purpose in your life

Accept the fact that you’re a smoker. Don’t deny this truth. Be honest and take full responsibility.

If you’ve chosen to smoke instead of adopting a productive and rewarding habit, it’s your fault. Don’t blame other people and circumstances in your life.

You see, your egoic mind likes to believe that it’s not your fault and you’re a victim of circumstance. And, it encourages you to continue smoking even if you know that it’s not good for your health.

When you accept that you’re a smoker and it’s your fault, you’ll begin to contemplate the idea of quitting smoking as you’re no longer under the influence of an egoic mind by being against it. You start to think that something has to be changed to live a healthy and successful life.

Plus, self-acceptance makes your mind clear and calm by releasing resistance and stress. A peaceful mind is necessary to quit smoking using the law of attraction.

Furthermore, you need to have a higher purpose in life. When you strive for higher goals, you simply don’t have time and energy to waste on destructive, useless, and self-sabotaging habits like smoking.

You can’t have a higher vision for yourself and smoke at the same time. Smoking doesn’t fit in with your success.

If you use the law of attraction to manifest your biggest dream, the universe assists you on your path to success by helping you quit smoking and other bad habits that handicap it.

In short, if you’re abusing your body by smoking, you’re telling the universe that you’re not worthy of abundance and happiness in your life.

Step#2: Know the trigger factors that prompt you to smoke

Most people begin smoking during their teenage because of peer pressure or to look cool. As they continue smoking, it becomes an addiction and a destructive habit.

Like any other habit, smoking has trigger factors that create an irresistible urge to smoke. Specific situations, feeling, moods, people, and activities could be a trigger for smoking.

To find what makes you smoke, you need to observe your smoking pattern. For a week or so, pay attention to the time, place, feeling, or whatever things that make you smoke, and write things you do before and after smoking.

Anger, stress, anxiety, fear, lonliness, boredom or feeling overwhelmed, pleasure, clebration, sense of belonging or to look cool are common trigger for smoking.

If you’ve tried to quit smoking in past, then you might know how difficult it is to stop smoking once you have the urge to do it. So, finding the triggers and avoiding them is a smart move than fighting an uphill battle against an irresistible urge.

Plus, knowing triggers give you the idea of things that you should be avoiding or achieving to quit smoking. And you can use the law of attraction to get rid of triggers.

Let’s say, a person you love is severely ill which makes you sad and depressed. To avoid being sad and depressed, you start smoking. In this case, you should manifest good health for someone you love to successfully quit smoking instead of going cold turkey.

You see, you can’t change the habit of smoking unless you, first, deal with the reasons that make you smoke.

Step#3: Find the compelling reason to quit smoking

If you’re thinking of quitting smoking using the law of attraction, there must a reason behind it. You need to have a strongly compelling reason to quit smoking.

Otherwise, you can’t continue abstinence from smoking down the road.

To find the strong reasons for quitting smoking, write down the pros and cons of not smoking.


Pros  Cons 
It heals your body and makes it healthy. You’ll have less social interaction and feel awkward in your friend circle.
You can save a lot of money. You can save over $13,000 after one year of not smoking. Anxiety and mood swings may show up as a result of withdrawal.
You’ll have more energy to spend on productive and profitable tasks. You can’t find an excuse to escape from stress.
You’ll save your spouse and children from cancer and heart disease because of secondhand smoke. You can’t have a sense of pleasure and satisfaction through these feelings remaining for a short duration only.
It will boost your immune system and makes you more energetic. By not smoking, you can’t show people how cool you are.
You’ll have a better sex life. Not smoking increases the body’s blood flow, improves sensitivity, makes you more appealing, and boosts your performance.
It improves fertility. And, it delays aging and adds years to your life.

As you may have noticed, the cons of not smoking are not quite true. But, your egoistic mind makes it more important and obvious so that you can continue smoking. Don’t fall into the never-ending trap of your egoic mind.

Find your compelling reason to quit smoking. When you find your WHY, you become serious about quitting smoking which means you have a burning desire.

And, to manifest anything using the law of attraction you need burning desire more than anything else. In addition to that, a compelling reason helps you keep practicing the law of attraction even if you don’t see any result.

Step#4: Repeat powerful and positive affirmations

You simply can’t stop smoking if you think and see yourself as a smoker. Having a mindset and belief system of a smoker prevents you from achieving a healthy and happy lifestyle.

To replace the negative and destructive mindset with a positive one, you should repeat powerful and positive affirmations. Affirmations are positive statements that reprogram your subconscious mind.

Here are the best positive affirmations to help you quit smoking using the law of attraction:


I love and respect myself that’s why I breathe in pure air only into my lungs.

I am powerful and stronger than a cigarette.

Being healthy is my natural state.

I love my children and spouse and that’s why I don’t smoke.

Smoking prevents me achieve my goal.

I choose to stay healthy and fit.

I choose to not smoke.

I hate smoking.

Smoking is bad for my and my family’s health.

Step#5: Visualize yourself as a person who already quit smoking

After a quick meditation, sit in a comfortable position and visualize your future self who already quit smoking. Imagine yourself enjoying a healthy and happy life with your family.

Imagine you and your family being happy and celebrating after you triumph over a smoking addiction.

Visualize breathing in the air free of the smoke of tobacco, doing exercise, having fun, and enjoying every moment of your life being healthy and energetic.

Feel the freedom from the slavery of nicotine that had been controlling your life for quite a few years.

Do visualization and affirmation in the morning and at night just before as it is the best time for practicing the manifestation technique.

A mind movie is an alternative for visualization that programs your subconscious mind using affirmation, uplifting music, and empowering visuals.

Note: Use manifestation crystal and candle as it helps to calm your mind and make visualization an easy task. They can also boost your manifestation process.

Step#6: Take baby steps to replace the smoking habit with the healthy habits

You’ve to take action while practicing the law of attraction. Taking action, however small, shows that you’re serious about your goal of quitting smoking. And, the universe only helps those who are willing to take action to improve their life.

So take baby steps to replace the habit of smoking with a healthy and positive habit.

Do meditation, yoga, pranayam, and exercises. Drink plenty of water, and resist the urge of smoking by sucking on a piece of candy or using an e-cigarette.

Take a calendar and mark the date you begin your journey of abstinence from smoking. Cross out each day from the calendar at the end of your smoke-free day. Keep crossing and congratulate yourself every day. Try not to break this chain in your calendar.

Practice the law of attraction every day. Keep believing in infinite intelligence and its power.

Publicly declare that you’re going to quit smoking. Hold yourself accountable.

Step#7: Constantly observe the trigger factor and win it with your willpower

As I said earlier, at the beginning of this post, it is hard to quit smoking.

In your journey to a better life, you’ll fail, probably, several times.  But, don’t get discouraged and feel guilty while facing multiple relapses and failures.

Consciously observe the trigger factors that make you smoke. Try to avoid trigger factors as much as possible.

If you, somehow, have the urge to smoke, resist it with your willpower. Though it is difficult to resist it,  you can win it by thinking about the negative aspect of smoking and how it will destroy your life if you take a quick puff at your cigarette.


How can the law of attraction help you quit smoking?

The law of attraction is all about positive thoughts and vibrating at a higher frequency.  That means you inevitably attract good things in your life if you maintain positive thoughts and a good vibe about it.

In this case, if you keep thinking and believing that you can quit smoking permanently, you will eventually be able to get rid of this self-destructive habit.


It is possible to quit smoking using the law of attraction. But, you need to follow the above-mentioned steps with an unwavering belief in yourself and the universe.

It is hard to quit smoking but it isn’t impossible.

You can be successful at quitting smoking if you want to do so for yourself and your family.