Meaning of Seeing Butterflies During Manifestation

Why do you keep seeing butterflies, especially while manifesting something? Are butterflies signs of manifestation? 

Let’s find out.

If butterflies are following you everywhere you go, it may be for some reason. Seeing butterflies frequently have deep meaning in the law of attraction and spirituality. 

  • It is a sign that the Universe received your message.
  • It means that the manifestation process has begun for you, and you’ll soon receive it.
  • It could be a medium the Universe uses to communicate with you to tell you that you’ve taken the right path in your life.
  • It could also mean that you need to bring changes in your personal life and mindset for growth and expansion like butterflies who metamorphosed from a cocoon.

Not only that, different colors of butterflies hold unique meanings.

So, keep reading to find out the reason why you keep seeing butterflies during a manifestation in detail. Also, find out what meaning the different colors of butterflies hold in spirituality and the law of attraction.

Seeing butterflies during manifestation (Here’s why)

Seeing butterflies during manifestation: blue butterfly sticker lot

#1 Sign that your manifestation has begun

Butterflies serve as a messenger between the universe and you. When the universe wants to communicate with you or respond to your wishes, it selects these beautiful and colorful butterflies as a medium for communication.

If you’re seeing these butterflies everywhere it means the universe has received your message and bringing all your wishes and desires into reality.

It is also a reminder that you need to have patience and trust in the universe because the manifestation process has already begun and the universe is currently working on your desire.

So, when you encounter these butterflies frequently, know that your manifestation is near, and you should not lose faith and trust in the universe.


#2 Sign that you need to go through the transformation

The law of attraction and manifestation only works when you show to the universe that you’re serious about achieving your goals and desires.

In other words, you need to show that you want to achieve what you want and it is not just some random wish.

By taking little action which will bring you closer to your goal, you show the Universe what you’re asking for is not just a wish it is a burning desire that you badly want. In short, you need to go through personal and mindset transformation.

If you’re seeing butterflies frequently, the Universe is asking you to go through the transformation. Infinite intelligence wants you to transform into a person, who is deserving and capable of manifesting the desire you want.

Simply put, you need to transform yourself as butterflies do to become better, stronger, and more beautiful.

The life of a butterfly begins with an egg. Egg changes into a caterpillar that feeds on leaves and grasses. It conserves energy and goes through internal changes to become a pupa.

The pupa stage in a butterflies life lasts from a few weeks to a couple of years. During this transitional stage, it may look like nothing is happening from the outside, but major changes are happening inside. 

Similarly, when you practice the law of attraction, you don’t see any visible change for a while, but unknown to you major internal changes in your mindset and belief system are still happening. That’s why you need to be patient and keep practicing the law of attraction to manifest your desire.

Now, back to the wonderful life cycle of butterflies.

After a few months of patience and perseverance, the pupa transforms itself into a beautiful, colorful and vibrant butterfly.

In the same way, the butterfly reminds us to go through an inner change to become powerful and deserving of goodness.

When you see butterflies everywhere during manifestation, it is a sign that you should embrace change in your life, get out of your comfort zone, and take some major action to achieve the goal.

Bringing change can be difficult and frightening as it requires you to move from your comfort zone. And it is common to have doubt and skeptical thoughts when nothing seems to work in your personal and spiritual life.

That’s why the universe sends beautiful butterflies your way to remind you that you’ve chosen the right path in your life. It also tells you not to lose faith and keep working on your goal.


#3 Message to relax and continue the journey joyfully

When you’re striving to achieve something different or things that you’ve not done before, it is common to get scared and have doubts.

Working hard for dreams and not seeing results makes most people quit as they get stressed, feared, and overwhelmed.

If the butterflies are following you during these periods, it is a sign from the Universe that you should become relaxed and enjoy the journey toward your glory. Savor the journey instead of giving too much attention to your goal. 

Avoid fearing the future outcome. Avoid doubting the Universe and your capability to manifest. 

It is telling you to observe and enjoy the beauty around you that God has created. And, let the Universe work on your dream. Give the Universe time to bring your manifestation into reality.

So, next time, whenever you see butterflies, beautiful creatures of nature, consciously put a smile on your face and remember you’re always under the guidance of Infinite intelligence.


#4 Sign that you’re ready for receiving spiritual wisdom

The life cycle of butterflies, the process of transformation from a caterpillar to a colorful and adorable creature, represents our spiritual journey.

Similar to the butterfly, we need to go through inner change for a certain period to find our true purpose and highest self.

Seeing these butterflies means you’re ready for transformation, spiritual growth, and to discover the truth and inner wisdom. It means you’re in the process of internal change, even if you don’t realize it.

When you progress in your spiritual journey, you’ll develop inner wisdom and light that butterflies can sense. That’s why you attract butterflies in your life. It is a sign that you’re growing both in the personal and spiritual fields.


meaning of seeing butterflies during manifestation


Are Butterflies a sign of manifestation?

Yes, butterflies are a sign of manifestation. It acts as a messenger delivering an important message from the universe when you need to look at the bigger picture and avoid the issues that don’t help you succeed.

It is a spirit animal to guide or protect you in your journey of prosperity. Spirit animals are those animals that share your characteristics and which can easily connect with you.

If you’re seeing butterflies, that means they’re your spirit animal for guidance and reassurance.


Meaning of seeing butterflies of different color

In the law of attraction and spirituality, the color of the butterfly carries a different meaning. And, here is what seeing different colors of butterflies means:

  • Meaning of seeing a White butterfly: It represents the soul of the deceased loved one who is here to protect you. Seeing a white butterfly means establishing a strong relationship with the spirit.
  • Meaning of seeing an Orange butterfly: Opportunities and changes are on your way and you need to stay active and optimistic to grab them. It also means you’re vibrating at high energy and your manifestation will come quickly and easily.
  • Meaning of seeing a Yellow butterfly: It represents creativity, joy, imagination, and self-expression. Have trust in yourself and the universe and take action on your dreams.
  • Meaning of seeing a Green butterfly: Its sign of good luck, growth, and abundance. Wealth and good health are yours to enjoy your life.
  • Meaning of seeing a Red butterfly: It means powerful spirits are watching your move. It signals something huge is coming into your life.
  • Meaning of seeing a Blue butterfly: Universe has already received your message and your dreams are turning into reality. It also means you need to get out of your comfort zone and start living life to the fullest.
  • Meaning of seeing a Brown butterfly: You’ll heal from illness and attract strong nurturing energy. It is a signal that you’re going to receive important news very soon.
  • Meaning of seeing a Purple butterfly: When you see this rare butterfly, you know that a very enlightened person will meet you and give you divine knowledge.
  • Meaning of seeing a Black butterfly: It tells you to look inside and contemplate on it to grow powerful and manifest whatever your desires are.


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The butterfly symbolizes growth and transformation because it metamorphoses from Caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly.

Seeing butterflies during manifestation means the Universe received your message, and you’ll soon see your desire get transformed into reality. It also tells us that you need to evolve, develop, and grow from within to outside to live a prosperous and healthy life.

Now, when you see butterflies frequently around you, stop and contemplate their meaning. It may hold some message and meaning for you. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Why do I keep seeing butterflies?

There could be different meanings of seeing butterflies according to their color. However, the main meaning of seeing butterflies is that the Universe is trying to communicate with you. It means you’re on the right path and ready to receive spiritual wisdom.

Q2. What is the meaning of seeing two butterflies?

Seeing two butterflies together means love and long life. If you’re seeing two butterflies, it means you’re ready for a beautiful and long-lasting relationship.

Q3. Is butterfly a sign of manifestation?

Yes, the butterfly is a sign of manifestation.

Q4. What is meaning seeing a butterfly while practicing the law of attraction?

As I have mentioned already, seeing a butterfly while practicing the law of attraction means your manifestation has begun and you’ll soon attract it in your reality.

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