seeing rainbow during manifestation

Seeing Rainbow During Manifestation- Here’s Why!

Seeing a rainbow is magical and exciting. Right?

Seeing those magnificent colorful arch in the sky brings a sense of joy to life by lifting one’s spirits. That’s said, the chance of seeing a rainbow is fairly low.

If you’re seeing rainbows frequently, especially during manifestation, it means you’re receiving signs from the Universe.

Here’s why you see a rainbow during manifestation:

Seeing a rainbow during manifestation is a sign that the universe is with you in your journey towards greatness. It’s a sign of angelic guidance and a symbol of hope. It means you’re on the right path and being guided by a higher power, so don’t lose hope if you’re going through hard times. It also means that your manifestation is on its way.

That’s a short answer to why you keep seeing rainbows during manifestation. Keep reading to decipher all of the hidden messages of seeing a rainbow. In addition, find out the reason behind seeing signs like rainbows but no manifestation.


5 Reasons why you keep seeing rainbow during manifestation

Reason#1: Sign from the Universe  to not lose hope

When trying to manifest something but not getting any result gives rise to doubt and fear of failure. That’s totally normal.

If you’re going through such hard times, seeing rainbows is a piece of good news because it symbolizes the guidance of the higher power.

Seeing the rainbow frequently means the universe guiding you to achieve your goals and dreams. Even if you’re going through too many obstacles right now, remember, it will be over soon under the guidance of sacred blessing.

Simply put, seeing a rainbow is a sign from the universe that you’re on the right path of your journey to your manifestation. It is a message that encourages you to keep practicing the law of attraction and taking action towards your goal even if you don’t see any result.

Reason#2: Signal to follow your intuition

Only saying affirmations, doing visualization, or practicing other manifestation techniques won’t bring your dreams into reality. You need to take decisions and inspired action to manifest your dreams.

But while taking action, you may find yourself struggling to make the right decisions. You may become overwhelmed by whether to follow intuition or go with logic. This is where seeing the rainbow becomes helpful.

Seeing rainbows frequently is a signal from the universe telling you to listen to your intuition. That’s because intuition based decision is correct most of the time.

Learn how to listen to intuition to make the best decision when you’re in doubt here.

Reason#3: Inspiration to achieve greatness

In many cultures, a rainbow symbolizes hope and creative energy. Seeing a rainbow is a reminder that there are endless possibilities in the universe and you should shoot for the greatness in your life.

Rainbow gives the inspiration to achieve greatness. It tells you to work towards personal and professional growth.

In short, through the rainbow, the universe is telling you to step out of your comfort zone and become the best version of yourself.

Reason#4: Reminder to endless possibilities in the universe

The universe holds the infinite possibilities of reality for you. If you’re struggling to achieve your goals or not satisfied with the result, don’t dishearten yourself.

Seeing a rainbow is the signal for you from the higher beings to remind you that there are endless possibilities of the outcome.

And, you’ll achieve your desired outcome with the guidance of the universe with the caveat that you keep practicing the right techniques of manifestation with unwavering faith.

Reason#5: Signs your manifestation is coming

Before bringing your manifestation into reality, the universe sends some signals or signs to let you know it. One of the signs your manifestation is very near is seeing rainbows repeatedly.

So, if you’re trying to manifest using the law of attraction, seeing rainbows can be reassuring because it tells your manifestation is on its way. Plus, it tells your manifestation technique is working for you.

4 other signs that your manifestation is coming

Besides seeing the rainbow, you’ll see many other signals from the universe if your manifestation is near. Here are some of the other common signs that your manifestation is coming:

  1. Seeing repeating numbers: Do you often see numbers like 1111, 2222, 5555, 1313, or 1212? If so, rest assured that you’re on the right path of your manifestation journey.
  2. Feeling like you already have your manifestation: When your manifestation is close, you’ll start to have calm, hopeful, and optimistic feelings about it. You’ll have a gut feeling that your manifestation is coming to you.
  3. Experiencing synchronicities: If you’re attracting events or circumstances related to your goals, it means you’re experiencing synchronicities. It is a good sign to stumble upon such meaningful coincidence because it is a signal that you’re attracting your desire.
  4. Feeling a sense of excitement:  If you experience a sense of joy and excitement without any reason, it is a sign that your manifestation is coming to you. You may start to have goosebumps in excitement.


Seeing signs but no manifestation- where’s what you need to know

Most people complain that they are seeing signs but not seeing actual manifestation. It can be frustrating to see endless signs without any actual result.

Here are the reasons for seeing signs but no manifestation:

  • You’re focusing on getting signs from the universe, but not actual manifestation.
  • You’re not taking inspired action. To manifest your dreams into reality, you’ve to take steps towards it.
  • You’re in doubt. Doubt creates resistance in the law of attraction. Get rid of it as soon as you can.
  • You’ve changed your desire. You may see signs but no manifestation when you start to ask for something else.
  • You’re attached to the outcome. If you’re attached to the result of your manifestation, it shows you don’t have trust in the universe. By doing so, you’re creating resistance in manifestation.



Like seeing butterflies during manifestation, seeing rainbows is the sign that your manifestation is coming to you.

The rainbow symbolizes hope and creative energy. Seeing a rainbow is a way the universe communicates with you. It is a signal that you have got the guidance of the universe, and you’re on the right path.

If you see rainbows, be happy knowing that you’re in the right direction under the guidance of higher power.


Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q1. How long does it take for manifestation to work?

There is no one-size-fits-all timeline for manifestation to appears in your reality. It depends on your desire, level of commitment, and faith in the universe.

Q2. What are the initial signs of manifestation?

Change in one’s mood and feeling is the initials signs of manifestation. If you’re experiencing the excitement and good feeling out of blue, it means your manifestation is coming to you. This is the initial sign of manifestation.

Q3. What are the signs that you are manifesting a specific person?

When you’re manifesting a specific person, you’ll start to notice that person repeatedly. You start to get attention from them.

Q4. What are the signs that someone is manifesting you?

If someone is manifesting you, you’ll start to think about a particular person most of the time. You’ll have intuition or gut feeling to communicate with the person who is trying to manifest you.