Shower Method For Shifting

Can you shift into your desired reality while showering or taking bath? Is it possible?

The shower method is one of the shifting methods that will take you to your desired reality when you are in the bathroom taking shower.

In this article, you will know what the shower method is and how to do it. Is it dangerous? Find out.


What is the shower method for shifting?

The Shower method is one of the awaken methods for shifting.

Basically, in the shower method, you can shift to your desired reality while cleaning yourself.

While in the shower, sprinkle yourself with water and put soap on. In the meantime, visualize your desired reality and recite the affirmation for shifting.

If your intention is very strong then you’ll start to feel the symptom of shifting. If you’re feeling something in strange in your body, know that you’re near to shifting. Open your eyes, and you’ll be in your DR.


How do you do the shower method to shift into your desired reality?

Here’s how you do the shower method for shifting in your DR:

Step #1 Decide where you want to shift and why

First and foremost, to shift into your desired reality using the shower method, you should first decide where to shift.

You should have a clear picture of your desired reality and why you want to shift there.

Make sure you complete this step before you move on to the next as it is very crucial to have a clear goal for successful shifting.

What you can do for clarity of your goal is to write a script for a sitting.

Write about your desired reality, your role in that reality, and the activities that you are going to do there. Write about your desired reality experience in as detail as you can.


Step #2 Get into the shower

After you finish writing your script and having clear pictures of your desired reality, get into the shower and get yourself under the lukewarm water.

You should feel relaxed. Take a deep breath. Clean yourself.

Step #3 Set intention to shift

Now, set an intention for shifting.

Say to yourself:  “I am going to shift into my desired reality when I open my eyes.” “I can shift.” “I am a master shifter.”

Repeat these positive statements multiple times to feel empowered and confident about shifting.

Once you are filled with positive energy and vibrating at a high level, you will know this as you feel a rush of energy inside you and feel confident about shifting, you’re ready to move to the next steps of the shower method.

Step #4 Affirmations and Visualization

Now, lather yourself with soap completely covering your body. Close your eyes.

Start visualizing your desired reality. Imagine you are in a room in a new reality showering. You’re completely covered with leather.

Take your time to visualize your desired reality. Your imagination should feel like a reality and when you can achieve that state starts saying shifting affirmations: “I am shifted. I am shifted. I am shifted.”


Step #5 Enjoy your DR

When doing visualization or saying affirmations, feel the joy. And, expect that you will be in your desired reality.

Feel how it would feel to be in that reality.  Get excited about it.

When you do this for a few minutes, you will start to feel shifting symptoms such as a tingling sensation, twitching of muscles, feeling disconnected from the body, etc.

When these symptoms arise know that you are near to your desired reality. Then, open your eyes, if everything goes well, you will be in your desired reality.


What will happen to your clone when you are in desired reality?

Your clone will be in the current reality doing a shower, while you’re enjoying your desired reality.

Don’t worry there will not be any harm to your clone that’s because you will be in your desired reality only for a few minutes, which is equal to days in your desired reality. And, you will come back safely to your current reality as you say your safe word.



With the shower method, you can shift yourself into your desired reality. It is possible to do so.

And don’t worry about your clone, it won’t get hurt in your current reality. So, try this method to shift your desired reality to experience the life you always want to.