You’ve probably heard of the starfish position, which is required for the Raven method of shifting realities if you’ve been part of the shifting community for a while.

So, what is the starfish position, and how can you use it to shift your reality?

In this article, you’ll find the meaning of starfish position for shifting, why it matters and how to make it comfortable.

So, Keep reading.


What is the starfish position for shifting?

In simple terms, the starfish position involves lying down and positioning your arms and legs exactly like stars.

It is a part of the Raven Method for Shifting realities in which you basically lie down on your back in a starfish position and begin counting to a hundred while saying affirmations like “I am shifting,” “I will shift,” and so on.

Though it sounds simple. Most people find it uncomfortable to lay in a starfish position for longer. 

Starfish position in itself is hard to maintain.

And, what makes it, even more, harder is that you also cannot move after or during your method while in the starfish position.

That is because shifting, in essence, disconnects you from this reality. Because your goal is to separate your subconscious from this reality, moving would hamper this process.

But for this method to work, you are not required to lie with your arms and legs like a complete star, however, you must ensure that your limbs do not touch.

You can even do this technique correctly by raising your arms just above your head.


Do you have to lay in starfish position to shift?


If the starfish position is uncomfortable then, why do you have to lay in the starfish position to shift the realities?

As uncomfortable as it may be, the starfish position is simply better for disconnecting from current reality (CR). Laying on your back with your limbs apart is far more effective to relax than lying on your side or flat on your stomach.

To get into the floating or meditation state, the starfish position is the best position for sleeping. It reduces your contact with the physical aspects of your Current Reality significantly.

Because you can’t feel your current body touching, I believe it simply helps our minds become less aware of the CR we’re stuck in for the majority of the day.

To sum up, you don’t have to lay in starfish position to shift. It is not necessary as there are other methods for reality shifting as well.

However, if you do it for some time, then you can master this position and it will no longer make you uncomfortable.

You must give it a shot to see if it works for you. Try it and see if you can shift your realities to Hogwarts or any other desired reality (DR) you want to be in.


How do you make starfish position for shifting realities comfortable?

Starfish position is difficult and uncomfortable to maintain for a longer period of time. So, to make it more comfortable you can use these expert advices:

  • You can try raising your hands above your head to induce sleep paralysis faster.
  • You can raise your legs by placing a pillow under them. It will help you adjust your spine to a more comfortable position.
  • You can sip chamomile tea before trying to shift as the mind and body are prepared for magical operations with a cup of chamomile tea.
  • Try putting lavender on your nose or pillow. The ability of lavender oil to relax your entire body, from head to toe, is well known. The calming lavender scent promotes mental clarity, emotional stability, and relaxation.


To conclude, the starfish position is required to get disconnected from your current reality while shifting to your desired reality. It is a part of the Raven Method for shifting reality.

Though this position is best for disconnecting from own CR. It is not necessary to be in this position while manifesting. A simpler version of this position will do the work.

However, it is best to just use a different technique if you tried the starfish position and found it uncomfortable. That’s because your discomfort will keep you in the Current Reality because your mind will be fixed on the discomfort you are feeling in your body.

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