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Switchwords are a word or combination of a few words that when chanted help you solve any problems in your life and manifest desires magically.

Switchwords are better than affirmations for manifestation as they can easily enter the realm of the subconscious without any resistance from the conscious mind.

Like a mantra, chanting switchwords raise your vibration and align you with your goal in the shortest time possible.

Also, they are easy to use and don’t require rigorous practice and patience like other manifestation methods.

There are switchwords for every situation, problem, and desire you can imagine. However, to get better results you need to use the tried and tested switchwords only.

In this post, you’ll find the list of proven switchwords to manifest different desires. You’ll also learn the correct methods to use these switchwords.


Switchwords List: 40+ Most powerful and commonly used switchwords

Switchwords List: pink breathe neon sign

SN Switchwords Functions
1 REJOICE To learn a new skill
2 WATCH To get rid of jealousy and hatred
3 CLEAR To remove anger and frustration 
4 BETWEEN To get the power of telepathic communication
5 FIGHT To win a competition whether it is a sport, business, or life
6 OVER To put end to the frustration and  get calm as well as clear mind
7 HOLE To become attractive to the opposite sex
8 TAKE To boost one’s ability to lead people 
9 STRETCH To make an enjoyable event, feeling, or inner state last longer
10 GIGGLE To get in the mood and flow for writing
11 LEARN To look youthful and energetic 
12 PUT To complete a task 
13 DONE To finish a task without letting procrastination kick in
14 NOW To put an end to procrastination
15 MOVE To dispel the lack of energy or feeling tired
16 OFF To have a good sleep or to quit a self-sabotaging habit
17 CIRCULATE To get rid of loneliness
18 SPEND To dress better and get the latest designed clothes
19 CHANGE To overcome the painful experience
20 ADJUST To adjust yourself to a new, uncomfortable or unpleasant condition
21 ALONE To heal by getting into a state of wholeness and togetherness
22 BE To be at peace, in good health, or in good form in sport
23 BLUFF To get rid of fear and nervousness
24 ELATE To dust yourself up after failure and turn a setback into an opportunity
25 HO To get into the relaxing mood
26 UP To get into the higher vibrational mood
27 SWING To become a courageous and risk-taker
28 SLOW To make a wise decision 
29 ON To get your dream car
30 CANCEL To eliminate the unwanted condition or any negativity
31 GIVE To sell your product or service
32 GUARD To get protection from enemy
33 COUNT To make money in an unexpected way
34 FIND To attract fortune and abundance
35 CURVE To create beautiful art as an artist, musician, or craftsman
36 DEVINE ORDER To accomplish any task with ease in the correct order
37 LOVE To receive love and experience it
38 DIVINE To see a miracle or things get solved or achieved in a magical way
39 CARE To memorize or remember 
40 REACH To solve problems or to locate lost items
41 TOGETHER To master any activity and to align with your goal
42 PRAISE To increase your innate beauty


10+ Master switchwords that you can use in any situation

SN Master Switchwords Functions
1 ADD To increase more energy and force in every switchwords and to strengthen your desire
2 CHARM To manifest your inner wishes 
3 BRING To become a magnet for all goodness and to align yourself with your goal

To make the switchwords more efficient and to excel in every aspect of one’s life

5 DONE To get an instant solution to the problem and to get the willpower to finish the tasks before the deadline
6 ELATE To restore and revive anything from lost relationship to lost wealth
7 LOVE To get rid of obstacles and to finish any work with ease
8 NOW To manifest your desire at the right time
9 REACH To increase your remembering power and to solve problems
10 SUNRISE To create hope, optimism, and new energy. Also, to get rid of lethargy, anxiety, and negative energy
11 TOGETHER To unite mind, body, and soul to accomplish any task with ease
12 THANKS To show gratitude  and to get the solution faster with many options


Switchwords list for love and relationship

SN Switchwords Functions
2 RUBY To get a divorce or convince a partner to divorce
3 BRING-LOVE-DIVINE NOW To attract love marriage and happy married life
4 PINK-ROSE-FIND CHARM To attract your soulmate
6 AMBROSIA To strengthen the relationship
7 REVERSE-WITH-LOVE TOGETHER To solve the issue between you and your partner


Switchwords list for  money, prosperity, and abundance

SN Switchwords Functions
1 ON To get a dream car
2 BRING-MAGIC- HOME CHARM-NOW To get a dream house
5 DIVINE-ACT-BRING-PRAISE-VICTORY-NOW-DONE-540 To have a successful job interview
6 FIND-DIVINE-ORDER-COUNT-NOW-DONE To get an immediate job
7 FIND-DIVINE-COUNT-SHREEM To receive immediate money
8 GOLDEN-SUNRISE-FULL-COUNT-ELATE-NOW To attract financial abundance
10 DIVINE- FULL-COUNT- ELATE-NOW To achieve growth in carrier
11 DIVINE-BRING-MAGIC-TAKE-CHARM-CLIENTS To attract clients to for business
12 TOGETHER-DEVINE-COUNT-GIVE-NOW-DONE-ON To run a successful business


Switchwords list for health and well-being

SN Switchwords Functions
1 PEACE-ADJUST-HO-SLOW To get rid of acidity
2 CRAB-APPLE-12-14 To have clear skin by getting rid of acne 
3 BE-OPEN-WASTE-SHOW To get rid of allergy
4 RESTORE-HORSE-MOVE-UP-BE To soothe back pain
6 BUBBLE-CRISP-ADD-ON For breast enlargement
7 BRING-DIVINE-CHILD To get pregnant or to conceive
8 DECLARE-PERFECT-HAIR To get rid of dandruff
9 GOLDEN-SUNRISE-BE-REVIVE-PANCREAS-NOW-FOREVER-DIVINE-ORDER To lower your blood sugar level; To get rid of diabetes
10 DAMIANA To cure erectile dysfunction 
11 SHOULDER-LOVE-HORSE To get rid of a frozen shoulder
12 STRETCH-DIVINE-TAP-ROOT For hair growth
13 PURGE-CANCEL To eliminate negative thoughts
14 GIVE-SWEET-TINY-TAKE-LISTEN To get rid of nerve pain
15 GOLDEN-SUNRISE-DIVINE-PEACE To achieve mental peace
16 GOLDEN-SUNRISE-ELATES-EYES To improve eyesight
17 ELATE-TOGETHER-NOW To kill depression
18 CRYSTAL-HORSE-LISTEN To gain confidence
20 BE-PERFECT-TINY-SWEET To lose weight


Switchwords list for mind hacking and productivity boost

SN Switchwords Functions
1 SUNRISE-BUBBLE-ON-PRAISE-JOY To increase focus and concentration in studies
2 REACH-FIRST-RANK-DIVINE To get good grades on exams; To get success at exam
3 RESTORE-CARE To boost memory
4 GOLDEN-SUNRISE-LEARN-NOW To learn a new skill
5 TOGETHER-DIVINE-REACH-FIND To solve a problem quickly and easily
6 RELEASE-RESISTANCE To eliminate procastination


How to use switchwords?

Unlike other manifestation methods, using switchwords is simple and easy to practice.

You can use the switchwords in two ways- chanting and writing.

How to chant switchwords?

It’s simple.

Choose the correct switchwords according to your goal or problems. Then, repeat them as if you’re chanting some mantras as monks do. You want to chant them at least twenty-eight times and two times a day. Or, you can say your switchwords as many times as you wish.


Pro Tips: It is important to get into the positive and joyful mood before chanting the  switchwords. To do that, be grateful for everything you have in your life. Visualize how you’ll feel once you’ve achieved your goal or solved your problem.


As you chant the switchwords, think about your goal as if it is already done, and feel confident that switchwords will surely help you achieve it or solve your problem.

In short, trust and have faith in the switchwords.

Also, when you chant the switchwords, don’t forget to remember your intention.

Finish the chanting by showing gratitude to the universe once you finished chanting the switchwords. Then, let go of the outcome and enjoy the rest of the day.

That being said, don’t get obsessed about the outcome because it hampers your manifestation by showing a lack and neediness instead of trust and faith in the universe.

How to write switchwords?

Another method of using the switchwords is writing them down on paper. Similar to chanting the switchwords,  select appropriate switchwords, get into the high-vibration mood and then start writing your switchwords on a piece of paper.

You can write switchwords as many times as you like. However, experts recommend writing them at least twenty-eight times for a minimum of 42 days to get results.

However, you don’t have to wait for 42 days to get the result. It might take a few days to manifest your desire or solve a problem, or it may take longer than you expected.

You see, your intention and level of trust in the universe determine the duration for getting the desired result with switchwords.

Here are other ways to write the switchwords:

  • Writing switchwords on skin: Write the switchwords on your left hand or arm. Then, you forget about it. Rewrite them when it is gone. You can write your switchwords on sticky paper and then stick it to your body if don’t prefer to write a random letter over your body.
  • Using switchwords with water: Write switchwords on a piece of paper and place it under a glass of water, or directly write the switchwords on the glass. Then, drink that water to take in the positive energy of switchwords in your system.
  • Write switchwords on a sticky note: Use sticky notes to write your switchwords and then stick them in a place where you can easily see them.
  • Writing inside energy circle: Take an A4 size paper or any ordinary paper. Draw a circle in the middle of it. Then, write your name and switchwords inside that circle. Put that paper in a place where you can easily notice it, or in your wallet without folding them.

To sum it up, you can use either chanting or writing methods to use switchwords. I prefer to do chanting of the switchwords first to get into the positive vibrational state. Then, I write them down on paper to consolidate my idea into the subconscious mind.


I’ve found that using both methods- chanting and writing- has helped me get the result faster than using a single method. So, I recommend using both methods at the same time.



Now you have a complete switchwords list that has been tried and tested and recommended by experts at your disposal. And, now you know how to use switch words in the correct ways.

So, select the switch words that you want to use from the switchwords list mentioned above and use them to solve your problem or manifest your wildest dream.

Remember, you have to have faith and positive expectation while using the switchwords. Don’t let doubts and self-limiting beliefs arise from the dark realm of your mind.

You’re the creator of your world. And use the switchwords to create your ideal world.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How long does it take for switchwords to work?

It may take a few days to see the result using switchwords. Or it may take a few weeks or months. The time swtichwords take varies from person to person. It depends on one’s goal, expectation, belief, choice of switchword, and level of commitment. 

Q2. How to increase the power of switchwords?

To increase the power of switchwords, consider combining the master switchwords with ordinary switchwords. When two switchwords are used, the power of each switchwords becomes complementary to each other creating powerful switchword phrases.

Q3. Can I use multiple switchwords in a day?

You can use multiple switchwords in a day with the caveat that you focus on a single intention or switchwords per session. However, it is better to stick to one goal or one switchwords until you get the result. 

Q4. What are the best switchwords for attracting money?

GOLDEN SUNRISE FULL COUNT is the best switchwords for attracting money.

Q5. Who found switchwords?

James T. Mangan found the switchwords and he mentioned it in his best-seller book The Secret of Perfect Living.

Q6. Do switchwords work?

Yes, switchwords do work. There are many online success stories about it. However, the best way to find whether switchwords work or not is to use them for yourself.

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