Use The Law of Attraction to Grow Taller

Use The Law of Attraction to Grow Taller( Success Story)

Being tall not only makes you confident, but it also makes you a smarter, healthier, and happier person.

Research has shown that tall people are more productive, are paid more, and are more likely to be successful than short people.

In addition to that, you don’t want to sit up and adjust your seat every time you drive a car. You don’t want to stand on toes to see your face in the mirror, and you don’t want your head to be an armrest for a tall guy. That’s why you have decided to grow taller using the law of attraction, right?

To grow taller using the law of attraction, you should first decide how tall you want to be. Get clear on your goal, then visualize and feel being tall. Do daily affirmations. Plus, eat healthy and nutritious food, do exercise, and sleep well.

Though the idea of using the law of attraction to increase height may sound weird, it is real and totally doable.

Below, you will discover how 20 years old Gordon grew 10 cm taller in just four months. And, 9 ways to use the law of attraction to grow taller in record time.


How 20 years old Gordon use the law of attraction to grow 10 cm taller in just four months? (Sucess story)

Gordon Hovan Arthur, a student of Engineering from the Phillippines, was not conscious of his height at first. He was 173 cm(5.6 ft) which is the average height for non-Hispanic Asians.

After noticing the characters in his favorite Chinese show were tall and look great, he wanted to become tall like them. He did some research and found that factors like genetics, parental height, and nutrition affect growth. He learned that he couldn’t change his genetic but exercise and taking healthy foods was his choice.

He took action to increase his height. He ate healthy foods, did stretching, and hanging exercise only to find disappointment. Even after being persistent in his workout routine, he didn’t grow an inch. That lowered his confidence and he was ready to quit on his desire.

Fortunately, he had heard about the law of attraction and decided to use it along with the previous workout routine. He started to visualize and feel being tall similar to the character of his favorite Chinese show. He would daily visualize and feel the emotion of being tall to raise his vibration.

He never lost faith in the law of attraction, as most people do, while practicing it. Eventually, after two months of visualization and affirmation, he started to see some change in his height; he was two centimeters taller.

It was not a huge change in height. However, it was a small success that led him to continue what he was doing. After four months, his height was 183 cm (6 ft).

Like Gordon, many people have successfully used the power of the law of attraction to increase their height. They grew taller with the help of the Universe and their willingness to take inspired action.

Now that you know it is possible to manifest height, let’s discuss why some people are short in the first place while others enjoy the benefit of being tall. And, then we’ll dive into steps of using the law of attraction to grow taller.


Why are you short?

There could be various reasons for not having tall stature. But genetics, parental height, diet, hormone, and environmental influence are the commonest cause for short stature.

The Pituitary gland located in the brain synthesizes Growth hormone, thyroid hormone, and estrogen(not directly) responsible for the growth of a person.

These hormones promote the growth of long bones by increasing the size of the growth plate. If the person has a deficiency of growth-promoting hormones, they will suffer from short stature.

Furthermore, not having adequate and sound sleep reduces the release of Growth hormones that impact the growth of your body. Emotional deprivation and psychosocial trauma at a young age lead to short stature in most people.

Here’s a video on how we grow taller(scientifically explained):

Remember, whatever are the reasons for short stature, you can change your body structure with the power of your belief system.

Our body is always changing its structure at the cellular level; old cells are continuously replaced by new and younger cells. As the mind has direct control over body physiology, a mere thought can transform your body.

So, don’t worry if you’ve short stature as you can always change how your body looks by your thoughts and healthy habit.


How does the law of attraction help you grow taller?

Contrary to popular belief, gene activity is always changing on a daily basis by our perception of the environment and thoughts in our minds.

Dr. Bruce Lipton, Ph.D. has illustrated that our thoughts, perception, and mind can alter the activity of our genes and eventually change the fate of cells and the structure of our body.

In simple terms, you can change the physiology and structure of your body by your thoughts and perception.

And, as the law of attraction is all about having positive thoughts and consciousness to change one’s reality, you can grow taller using the law of attraction.


9 Steps to grow taller using the law of attraction

Step #1: Set a clear goal

I can’t stress enough how important it is to have a clear and specific goal for successful manifestation.

When trying to manifest height, you just don’t want to grow taller. You want to grow by a specific length so that you can achieve your dream height. So, be specific and clear about your goal to easily send your message into the universe and manifest it with ease.

That said, don’t set a too ambitious goal that makes you not believe in it. And don’t expect to grow overnight as it is a gradual process and takes time to show the expected result.

Plus, ask yourself why you want to grow taller. Finding your why part of the goal helps you tap into the emotions necessary for effective communication with the universe and for easy manifestation.

Step#2: Believe and show faith in the universe

It is absolutely possible to grow taller using the law of attraction with the caveat that you need to believe and show faith in the universe and yourself.

When you show faith in the universe, you will align yourself to receive a gift from Him. Belief and faith allow your subconscious mind to receive the idea that you can grow taller using the law of attraction.

Whenever you successfully reprogram your subconscious mind, your thought and behavior will change. And thoughts and perception, as I said earlier, can change your body physiology and structure.

Furthermore, you need to love and accept yourself as who you are to remove the conflict and stress from your mind.

You see, not accepting one’s reality creates stress and anxiety which is negative energy that holds back your manifestation process.

In short, believe in the unlimited power of the universe and yourself. Don’t limit yourself. Feel and think of yourself as a worthy and deserving person.

You have to assume and feel that you’re already grown taller even before you manifest height.

Step#3: Do Pituitary gland meditation to increase height

Meditation brings calmness, mindfulness, and peace to your day-to-day life. Doing meditation in the morning, which is also the best time of day to manifest, can boost your manifestation power to many folds.

That said, pituitary gland meditation is especially done for body growth and to increase one’s height. It stimulates the pituitary gland and releases the hormone that promotes growth and increases bone length.

Doing pituitary gland meditation will definitely help your growth and make you taller unless you have crossed the age limit for growth that is 25 years in most cases.

Step#4: Visualize and feel your future

A desire when visualized impress your mind and changes neuron connection within it similar to events that happen in reality.

That’s why visualization is one of the most effective methods of manifestation as it reprograms your subconscious mind easily and quickly.

To grow taller using the power of your mind and the law of attraction, visualize being tall. Create a scene using all of your five senses where you’re a tall person and people are appreciating your efforts and result.

You can see the pictures or watch videos of your role model before you begin the visualization process for it helps you visualize your future effectively.

While visualizing make the scene as real as possible and mix it with the emotion that raises your vibration.

If you find the visualization difficult to practice, watch a mind movie which is a collection of pictures of your desire, uplifting music, and powerful affirmation. Similar to visualization, a mind movie can reprogram your subconscious mind and change your belief system.

Step#5: Repeat affirmation to program your subconscious mind

Affirmation is a positive and powerful statement. And when it is repeated frequently creates a new belief system by programming the subconscious mind.

To think positive thoughts and to have a belief system that promotes growth, you need to repeat the positive affirmation related to height and growth.

Here are some of the best affirmations to increase height:

I am tall and proud.

My body have unlimited growth potential, and it is effortlessly lengthening.

I am happy and grateful for the fact that my height is naturally increasing each and everyday.

I accept myself for who I am, and I am tall, relaxed, and healthy.

Thank you universe for healthy posture and for increasing my height.

Step#6: Manifest height with 369 method

369 manifestation method involves writing down your goal in a notebook three times in the morning, six times in the afternoon, and nine times at night.

To manifest height with the 369 methods, you need to write your desire in a notebook for being tall and proud three times in a day for at least 45 days to see any result.

Step#7: Listen to powerful subliminal to grow taller

Subliminal is a message that has a signal below the absolute threshold of our conscious awareness. That means you can program your subconscious mind without interference from the conscious analytical mind.

Subliminal music is a great way to change your thought pattern and belief system to manifest your desire into reality.

However, you need to be cautious while listening to free subliminal on the internet as it contains a harmful suggestion that obviously we can’t find out as it is hidden.

Subliminal from SuccessSubliminal are effective and soothing to ears. Most importantly, it is safe to use.

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Step#8: Don’t just visualize, take inspired action daily

Practicing the law of attraction is necessary to change your mindset and your belief system, but you need to take action towards your goal to achieve it.

Only affirmation and visualization to manifest height won’t cut it. The best possible way to grow taller is by practicing the law of attraction along with taking inspired action daily.

Eat healthy food, do stretching and hanging exercise, and take enough sleep. Improve your posture and make a habit to sit up straight.

Don’t take junk food as it doesn’t have any nutritional value. Avoid smoking and alcohol if you’re regularly consuming them. Don’t drink caffeinated product as it changes body physiology that doesn’t promote growth and it also affects your sleep.


Step#9: Raise your vibration to quickly manifest height

Vibrating at a higher frequency means you’re full of energy and it will help you easily send your message into the universe.

To raise your vibration, show gratitude and feel joy and happiness. Do whatever you love to do. Go to your favorite place. Eat your favorite food. Enjoy the company of nice people. In short, you need to be happy and excited to raise your vibration.

Avoid the company of people who constantly judge you on the basis of your height. They always make you feel inferior and sad. You need to manifest such negative toxic people out of your life as soon as possible.


Q1: Can you manifest being shorter?

No, you can’t manifest being shorter once you’ve grown to a certain height as it is not possible to reverse the growth.

Q2: Can meditation make you grow taller?

Yes, meditation can make you grow taller, especially, pituitary gland meditation.

Q3: Why we don’t grow after hitting puberty?

We don’t grow after hitting puberty because the growth plate fuses with the bone.


If you’re serious to grow taller, and you try hard and take effort, the law of attraction will surely help you to grow tall.

Life isn’t always fair, we all have things that we like and dislike about ourselves. In order to live in peace and joy, we should accept who we are and don’t compare ourselves to others.

If you can bring change in your physical appearance, go for it. If you can’t stop wasting your valuable time and energy on it.

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