Use The Law of Attraction to Grow Taller

People with shorter height feel more vulnerable, feel negative about themselves, and have an increased level of paranoia when they are around tall people.

In contrast, one study found that taller people feel more confident about themselves and have high self-esteem, as a result, they are healthier and happier.

That’s why you want to grow taller, right? So that you will feel more confident about yourself. You don’t want others to ridicule your height. You want to feel equal to others while hanging with friends.

But, you have tried every possible tactic, from diet to stretching, only to find disappointment and frustration in the end.

Now you’re wondering, can the law of attraction help you grow taller? 

Yes, you can grow taller using the law of attraction. It is possible to manifest height naturally with the power of your thought.

In this post, you’ll find ways to use the law of attraction to grow taller. For your skeptical mind to buy it, we have shared success stories of Gordon and Kirtika, who used the law of attraction to grow taller. You can read their success stories at the end of the post.

Are you ready to learn to grow taller using the law of attraction? Let’s dive into it.


How does the law of attraction help you grow taller?

Grow Taller Using The Law of Attraction: woman sitting on rock during daytime

Contrary to popular belief, our gene is not static. Our thoughts and environment continue to influence the expression of genes. That means you can change the expression of genes to change the body structure and achieve an optimal level of growth.

Dr. Bruce Lipton, Ph.D. has illustrated that our thoughts and emotion can alter the activity of genes and eventually change the physiology and the structure of the body.

Since the law of attraction is about having positive thoughts and feelings, it is a brainer that you can change your body structure using it. That means you can use the law of attraction to grow taller.


How to use the law of attraction to grow taller? 

Step #1: Set a clear goal and find a compelling reason

How tall do you want to be? Do you have an exact number in your mind? 

I can’t stress enough how important it is to have a clear and specific goal for successful manifestation.

When it comes to manifesting height, you need to have clear pictures of your goal in your mind too. Don’t just say you want to increase your height. Have specific numbers in your mind that you want to achieve. 

You see, vague goals will lead you nowhere. It will not give you any results.

So, the first step is to become specific and clear about your goal. By doing so, you give your mind a proper direction to follow. Moreover, the Universe will know exactly what you need.

After that, you need to find a compelling reason behind your goal. 

Why do you want to grow taller? Ask this question to yourself and write down everything that your mind gives as answers. First, don’t analyze it. Just write whatever comes to your mind.

When you finished writing look at the answers your mind has given. Read them loudly and select those which feel good, inspiring, and compelling to you. In this way, you will find the compelling reason behind your goal.

Why? You ask.

When you know why you want to be tall, you will do whatever it takes to achieve it. You’ll persist towards achieving your goal even if you don’t see the result. That’s the whole point of finding a compelling reason.

Note: Don’t set goal which is hard to believe. Don’t try to achieve height which can’t be achieved. And, don’t expect to manifest height overnight as there is no such thing as overnight manfestation. To see real result, it takes time. Accept that.


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Step#2: Believe and show faith in the universe

It is possible to grow taller using the law of attraction with the caveat that you need to believe in its possibility and show faith in the Universe or God, whatever you like to name it.

When you show faith in the universe, you will align yourself to receive. Faith brings hope and a sense of belief that you’re going to manifest height no matter how impossible it seems.

It is said that faith can move a mountain. In this case, having only faith and trust can help you grow taller.


To conclude, have faith in yourself and the Universe. Believe it is possible to manifest height using the law of attraction. See yourself as worthy and deserving to become tall. At the same time, accept your current reality and strive for being tall.

Step #3 Take Action 

Having a clear goal and unwavering faith is not enough. You need to take action. You need to take action to train your mind and body to achieve your goal. In short, you need to practice manifestation techniques.


Out of different kinds of meditation, pituitary gland meditation is especially done for body growth and to increase one’s height. 

Doing this meditation will stimulate the pituitary gland and releases the hormone that promotes growth and increases bone length. It will help in your growth and make you taller unless you have crossed the age limit for growth which is 25 years.

In addition to that, meditation brings calmness, mindfulness, and peace to your day-to-day life. Doing meditation in the morning, which is the best time of day to manifest, can boost your manifestation power to many folds.



You’ll be what you see yourself to be in your mind. By visualizing your goal, you’ll attract them into reality.

To attract increased height, you need to visualize being taller.

How to visualize height growth?

First, sit comfortably in a place where you won’t get disturbed. Then, close your eyes and focus on your breath. Just observe inhale and exhale. Focus on the point between your eyebrows where the Agya chakra lies. Now, feel your body from head to toe. By this time, your mind and body will be fully relaxed and calm. 

Next, visualize yourself being taller. In your mind, see yourself in front of the mirror and admire your new physical appearance. See people complimenting your height. Feel happy while visualizing as if you’ve already manifested height in the reality.

Visualization affects the neural connection in the brain in a similar way as the real event does. When you visualize your goal, your mind changes its structure and neural activity. With visualization, your mind and thought pattern become similar to the person you want to become.

That’s why visualization is one of the most effective methods of manifestation as it reprograms your subconscious mind easily and quickly.

If you find visualization difficult to practice, watch a mind movie which is a collection of pictures related to your goal, uplifting music, and powerful affirmation. Similar to visualization, a mind movie can reprogram your subconscious mind and change your belief system.

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Affirmation is a positive and powerful statement. And when it is repeated frequently creates a new belief system by programming the subconscious mind.

To think positive thoughts and to have a belief system that promotes growth, you need to repeat the positive affirmation related to height and growth.

Here are some of the best affirmations to increase height:

I am tall and proud.

My body have unlimited growth potential, and it is effortlessly lengthening.

I am happy and grateful for the fact that my height is naturally increasing each and everyday.

I accept myself for who I am, and I am tall, relaxed, and healthy.

Thank you universe for healthy posture and for increasing my height.


369 Manifestation method

369 manifestation method involves writing down your goal in a notebook three times in the morning, six times in the afternoon, and nine times at night.

To manifest height with the 369 methods, you need to write your desire in a notebook for being tall and proud three times a day for at least 45 days to see any result.


Subliminal is a message that has a signal below the absolute threshold of our conscious awareness. That means you can program your subconscious mind without interference from the conscious analytical mind.

Subliminal music is a great way to change your thought pattern and belief system to manifest your desire into reality.

However, you need to be cautious while listening to free subliminal on the internet as it contains harmful suggestions that can’t be found as they are hidden.

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Besides practicing above mentioned the law of attraction technique, you need to take inspired action daily. Here are some of the actions you can take to increase your height:

  • Eat healthy and nutritious food that increases height
  • Do stretching and hanging exercises
  • Improve your posture
  • Make habit of sitting or walking in a straight body posture
  • Avoid smoking and alcohol intake
  • Avoid eating junk food

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Step#4: Show gratitude  and receive

You have set a specific target height to achieve and you have also found a compelling reason to manifest height. Not only that, you have taken action. You have either done pituitary meditation or visualization or affirmation or a combination of different law of attraction techniques.

That’s great. Now, after finishing practicing the law of attraction technique, you need to maintain positive vibrations throughout the day. And, you need to let go of the outcome.

Throughout the day, live every moment of your life with joy expecting that the Universe is going to increase your height. However, don’t get obsessed with the result. Don’t always think of increasing height or checking whether you manifested height or not. 

Sometimes, manifesting your desire can cause anxiety as you struggle with inner doubts about the outcome.

You need to let go of the outcome.

Such an act of desperation is only going to hurt your manifestation and delay it. So, show gratitude and let go of the outcome.

Grow Taller Using The Law of Attraction: woman in white crop top and pants standing on roof

Height Manifestation Success Story- How did 20 years old Gordon use the law of attraction to grow 10 cm taller in just four months?

Gordon Hovan Arthur, a student of Engineering from the Phillippines, was not conscious of his height at first. He was 173 cm(5.6 ft) which is the average height for non-Hispanic Asians.

After noticing the characters in his favorite Chinese show were tall and looked great, he wanted to become tall like them. He did some research and found that factors like genetics, parental height, and nutrition affect growth. He learned that he couldn’t change his genetics, which is not true, but exercise and taking healthy foods can boost his growth.

He took action to increase his height. He ate healthy foods, and did stretching, and hanging exercises only to find disappointment. Even after being persistent in his workout routine, he didn’t grow an inch. That lowered his confidence and he was ready to quit on his desire.

Fortunately, he had heard about the law of attraction and decided to use it along with the previous workout routine. He started to visualize and feel being tall similar to the character of his favorite Chinese show. He would daily visualize and feel the emotion of being tall to raise his vibration.

He never lost faith in the law of attraction, as most people do, while practicing it. Eventually, after two months of visualization and affirmation, he started to see some change in his height-he was two centimeters taller.

It was not a huge change in height. However, it was a small success that led him to continue what he was doing. After four months, his height was 183 cm (6 ft).

Like Gordon, many people have successfully used the power of the law of attraction to increase their height. They grew taller with the help of the Universe and their willingness to take inspired action.

Height Manifestation Success Story- Kritika Kumari increased her height from 5 ft to 5ft 6 inches by using the law of attraction 

Kritik Kumari from India has proved that it is possible to grow taller using the law of attraction.

Her height was 5 feet which is a bit below the average height of an Indian girl. She was the shortest member of her family. Even her younger sister was taller than her. 

Due to her short height, she finds herself the victim of jokes. Her family members and friends told her that she would never increase in height as she crossed the age of puberty.

Since 2015, she has been trying different things to increase her height. She used herbal medicine. She practiced different Yoga positions and took only a nutritious diet. But, these practices didn’t give any appreciable change.

In 2020, she stumbled upon the law of attraction videos on her YouTube feed. She found that the law of attraction can help increase her height. Videos about the law of attraction convinced her and inspired her to take action.

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She started to practice the law of attraction techniques- affirmations, visualization, acting as if, and vision board. She also continues to do some stretching and include nutritious food in her diet.

She never stops believing that the law of attraction can increase her height. She was so sure about the law of attraction that she bought new clothes that are oversized.

After a few months, she left practicing the law of attraction due to family problems. However, she always kept believing in manifesting height.

One day, her family told her that she was taller than the previous. At that moment, she knew the law of attraction has worked for her. She was successful at manifesting height. She showed gratitude to the Universe and kept applying the law of attraction to achieve her goals.

She advises people to have complete faith in the Universe, practice the law of attraction with sincerity, and let go of the outcome to manifest height using the law of attraction.


It is possible to use the law of attraction to grow taller. To manifest height, set a target height and practice the law of attraction technique as mentioned above with faith and gratitude.

Life isn’t always fair, we all have things that we like and dislike about ourselves. To live in peace and joy, we should accept who we are and don’t compare ourselves to others.

If you can bring change to your physical appearance, go for it. If you can’t, stop wasting your valuable time and energy on it. Accept who you are and focus on things that you’re good at.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: Can you manifest being shorter?

No, you can’t manifest being shorter once you’ve grown to a certain height as it is not possible to reverse the growth.

Q2. Can you manifest being taller?

Yes, you can manifest being taller. If you maintain the stream of positive thoughts and feeling about being tall, you will eventually manifest being taller.

Q3: Can meditation make you grow taller?

Pituitary gland meditation can help you grow taller. When you do pituitary gland meditation, growth hormones and other hormones that promote growth get released into the body causing an increase in one’s height.

Q4: Why we don’t grow after hitting puberty?

Due to the fusion of the growth plate with a hard bone, we stop growing after hitting puberty.

Q5. Which subliminal is best for height growth?

To find the best subliminal for height growth, search for subliminal for height growth on YouTube and go to the comment section of the video to find out whether other people are getting results or not.