Does Water Manifestation Work

Life on earth without water is unimaginable. Right?

Water is an integral part of our life. We use water every day for various purposes- from drinking and cooking to bathing. That said, do you know you can use water to manifest your desire, too?

Let me tell you the truth it is possible to manifest using water. Here’s how water manifestation work:

Water has memory.  It holds the energy by changing its molecular structure. Our thoughts have the power to bring change in water. When you pray or visualize in front of the water, you transfuse your creative energy into it. This energy gets into every cell of yours when you drink it. Creative energy inside you brought by water help you manifest anything you want.

Keep reading to learn the scientific reason behind water manifestation with a success story, and how to use the water for manifestation.


Does water manifestation work? (Scientific explanation)

In the 1990s, Masaru Emoto, a Japanese businessman, amazed the world with his experiment. He showed that human consciousness could change the molecular structure of water.

In his experiment, he took tap water in two cups. Then he transfuses positive energy to one cup using positive speech and thoughts. And, he sent negative vibrations to another cup of water using negative thoughts and words.

Later he froze water from both cups to see the ice crystal. He was speechless by seeing the crystal under his microscope.

He found that positively charged water created beautiful and visually pleasing ice crystals while negatively charged crystals yielded ugly ice crystals.

With his groundbreaking experiment, Emoto proved our thoughts, emotion, and intention can change the molecular structure of water.

In many religions, holy water blessed by a priest with prayer is offered to people who seek God’s help. Using prayer, priests transfer positive energy and emotion into the water. It is the religious tradition followed all over the world by many religions over thousands of years.

They knew the secret of the healing power of holy water for eons. However, modern science has just started to discover these remarkable and powerful characteristics of water.

Scientists took the holy water from different religious places and froze them to see the ice structure. This water created beautiful ice crystals.

Now, you know that you can change the water structure with your consciousness, but you might wonder how it will help you manifest your desire.

Quantum Shifting.

You see, you send your positive vibration into the water when you pray or visualize. When you drink that water, you transfer that creative energy into your body. That’s quantum shifting.

Much research has found that the human body contains up to 60% of water and the brain, alone, holds 75% of it.

Your thoughts, physiology, and vibration change as the positively charged water get into your system.

Simply put, water helps you change your psychology and your body’s physiology by holding the positive energy of your prayer.


How to manifest with water? ( 3 Powerful techniques you don’t want to ignore)

To manifest your dreams into reality using the magic properties of water, you need to follow proven and effective water manifestation techniques.

Whether you want to manifest love, wealth, or perfect health, you can do that with these popular water manifestation techniques:

#1 Bless water with positive thoughts

The most simple yet proven method of manifestation using water is to bless the water with the positive thoughts of your desire.

In this manifestation technique, you take water in a bottle or cup, write an affirmation on paper and keep it under it, or visualize your dreams in front of the water.

Thinking positive thoughts about your dreams while talking to water transfers your creative energy of yours into water. Thus, you bless the water with your positive thoughts.

Now, drink water to quantum shift energy from a glass of water into your system so that you can vibrate at a higher level to easily attract the things you want in your life.

Take care of these things while you’re trying to manifest with the water:

  • Springwater or rainwater is the best source of water for water manifestation. You can use ordinary tap water. But, it may take lots of time and effort. That’s because, unlike natural sources of water, ordinary tap water is treated with many harsh chemicals during the purification process. You can get spring water from here.
  • Take a transparent glass or a bottle. Your ability to transfer energy into water increases when you can see it during the ritual. I prefer to use copper glass to hold the water as it has both detoxifying and anti-bacterial properties. Sadhguru, a famous Indian author and yogi, recommends storing water only in a copper vessel.
  • Write short and clear affirmations. Your affirmation should be short, clear, and emotional. Affirmation that you recite during the blessing of water should make you feel good and hopeful.
  • Hold hands around the glass after rubbing them for a while. This makes you concentrate on your hands and glass while you visualize or say affirmations. It may sound a little weird, but it works like charm. Try it to see the magic unfold for yourself.

#2 Label water with your desire

If you find saying affirmation or visualization difficult and time-consuming, worry not as you can manifest with the help of water just by labeling it with your intention.

Do you want a new job, a dream home, a good relationship, or a vacation to an exotic place? Whatever your desire is, write it on paper and stick it to a bottle or glass that you use to drink water from. Isn’t it cool?

How does it work? Well, when you feel thirsty and pick up your bottle to quench your thirst, the first thing you see is your desire. Thinking about your desire creates a visual representation in your mind that, over some time, reprograms your subconscious mind to attract them into reality.

In addition to that, thinking good about your dream during drinking water transfuses positive energy into it.

So, take action now and start manifesting. Put a label of your desire on a bottle or glass that you frequently use to store water.

#3 Two cups methods

The concept of two cups manifestation methods first appeared on the YouAreCreator, a popular YouTube channel for the law of attraction and manifestation. Later, Jake Ducey, the law of attraction coach, popularized it.

Discover the best YouTube channel for the law of attraction and manifestation here.

Two-cup manifestation work on the principle of quantum shifting, a process of replacing the current situation with your desire.

Here’s how you can manifest your desire with 2 cup manifestation method:

  • First, you need two cups. Transparent glasses are preferable but not compulsory.
  • Next, fill one cup with water. You can use ordinary water from a tap. But, water collected from natural sources with not purified using chemicals works best. Leave another cup empty.
  • Take the filled cup and write your current situation. Then, write your desire on the empty cup. For instance, you may write your current earnings per year on the filled cup and write the amount you want to earn in a year on the empty cup.
  • Now, I want you to relax and calm your mind with a quick meditation session. After that, hold the filled cup and start talking to it. Say how grateful you’re to have your current earnings. 
  • Showing gratitude for your current situation brings positive energy and good vibration. When you are at the highest level of joy while showing gratitude, pour the water into the empty cup that represents your desire.
  • Now, feel gratitude as if you’ve already manifested your dream into reality. Holding the feeling of gratitude, drink the water from the cup that has your desire written on it.

#4 Set anchor to water (Bonus)

If you often forget to practice affirmation or visualization,  setting an anchor to water could be a game-changer for you.

In this simple water manifestation technique, you make a habit to recite an affirmation or visualize your dream whenever you come in contact with water. That means you’ll be repeating an affirmation or remembering your dream when you’re either drinking, washing your hands, or taking bath.

When getting used to this practice, you’ll find yourself repeating or remembering your affirmation most of the time which will eventually reprogram your subconscious mind to attract success.

Besides that, you can bless the water before you use it to manifest perfect health or look beautiful. Let’s say you want to manifest clear skin. To attract zit-free skin, bless the water saying that it will heal your skin, and then use it.

Water manifestation success story (Testimonial)

Manifestation using water is not some metaphysical and spiritual woo-woo thing. People are getting success at manifesting using the magical power of water with the above-mentioned techniques.

Here’s a water manifestation success story from Deborah Elaine who manifested a marriage proposal, a raise at the job, and a smoking-free lifestyle:


So, does water manifestation work?

Yes, it does.

Much research has shown that water has memory to hold the energy of thoughts. Our consciousness can change the molecular structure of water. Drinking positively blessed water, change your vibration level to attract your desire into reality.

Remember, you can manifest your dream using water. But you have to be doubtless, fearless, and hopeful.

Unfortunately, if you can’t get your desire into reality with water manifestation, don’t blame the water or process. Blame your doubtful and skeptical mindset.