Wealth Switch Review: Is It Legit?

Have you ever asked yourself why the rich get richer and the poor get poorer?

It’s not that rich people are more smart, educated, or hardworking than people who struggle financially. They are rich because they literally have rich genes in their system.

If you want to switch your gene and get a rich gene, the Wealth Switch program by Dan Jenkins can help you with that.

In this Wealth Switch review post, you’ll discover how Wealth Switch, an innovative sound stimulation program, can remove money blocks and ultimately help you achieve financial freedom. 

To save your valuable time, here’s a summary of the Wealth Switch review for you:

Wealth Switch Review- Summary

Product: Wealth Switch

Creator:  Dan Jenkins

What you’ll get?

  1. Wealth Switch- Audio Track (Main Product)
  2. Prosperity Now- Audio (Bonus)
  3. Supernatural Luck- Audio (Bonus)
  4. Extreme Success Mantras- Affirmations List (Bonus)
  5. Wealth Triggers- Abundance Mind Movie (Bonus)
  6. Instant Manifestor- Mystical Money Symbol (Bonus)
  7. Evil Eye Shield- Audio (Bonus)

Why buy it?

  • To manifest unexpected money as it helps to flood your mind with high vibrational money script
  • To switch poor genes with rich genes by listening to a specially designed audio track each night for 7 days.
  • To get powerful money affirmations, visuals, subliminal, and symbols for an abundant life.
  • To protect yourself from the eye of evil and negative people.

Cost: Check Price (Special Discount)

Upsell: N/A

Is it legit?

  • Offer 60 days full money-back guarantee.
  • If you don’t see any result with the Wealth Switch, contact the customer support team to get a full refund.
  • Multiple payment methods are available. The payment process is secured by ClickBank.
  • Plus, thousands of people around the globe are getting success at manifestation after listening to the guided meditation given in the program.

Official website: WealthSwitch.com

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What is Wealth Switch?

Wealth Switch is a new and unique manifestation program created by Dan Jenkins with his friend Yuri.

He promises to help you switch your money gene listening to specially designed audio at night for 7 days in a row.

Recent scientific studies show that people inherit wealth genes from their parents. There are two types of wealth genes: rich and poor. Simply put, poor parents transfer the poor genes to their children while rich people are born with the rich genes.

That’s the reason why people born in rich families have more chances to achieve financial success than people who have seen poverty, scarcity, and financial struggle in their childhood.

In addition to that, people raised by financially struggling parents often receive low vibrational money script that leads to a poor mindset.

You see, money scripts stored in the subconscious mind during childhood changes our belief system and behavior about money.

A high vibrational money script leads to financial freedom while a low vibrational money script gives you a poor lifestyle.

And, Wealth Switch helps you to flood your subconscious mind with a high vibrational money script and eventually switch your money gene.

How does the Wealth Switch work?

The money script we hear during childhood change our belief and mindset about money.

People who are struggling financially have been programmed with low-vibrational money scripts. They have poor genes in their genome inherited from their parents.

Wealth Switch works by re-programming your subconscious mind with the help of specially designed subliminal affirmation. In addition to that, it helps to activate rich genes and suppress poor genes so that you can gain financial freedom.

Unlike other manifestation techniques that require discipline to do difficult rituals, the Wealth Switch system provides an audio track that you have to listen to at night before going to sleep for 30 minutes for 7 days.

Wealth Switch is designed to change your attitude, belief, and mindset about money.

When you listen to an audio track provided by Dan Jenkins for 7 days, you’ll feel confident about money and start to see multiple money-making opportunities coming in your way.

Who is Dan Jenkins?

Dan Jenkins is the creator of the Wealth Switch program. Yuri, his friend gave him an audio track to improve his financial life when her wife almost led him to bankruptcy.

Yuri told him about the money gene, money script, and methods to program the subconscious mind by listening to simple music every night before going to sleep. Dan did exactly what Yuri has told him to do. Within a week he fixed his financial problem once and for all.

Dan and his wife were amazed by the result they got just by listening to music before sleeping. They want to share this money attracting hack with other people.  So, they went to Yuri’s office and begged him to let them share the audio track. 

Yuri agreed with them and gave all rights to the system that has helped Dan gain financial freedom.

After testing the system with a group of people and improving its quality with the help of professional sound experts, Dan created Wealth Switch, a unique and science-based manifestation program.


What you’ll get with the Wealth Switch program?

When you purchase the Wealth Switch manifestation program from the official website, you’ll get an email with the link to the website to download Wealth Switch audio along with six bonuses.

Note: There are a lots of fake website about Wealth Switch which offer massive discount on product. They collect email of peeople by promising huge discount and later send promotional and spam email to them. Only buy from official website of Wealth Switch program.

Here’s what you’ll get inside the Wealth Switch program:

#1 Wealth Switch- Audio Track (Main Product)

Wealth Switch subliminal affirmation is designed to sound expert that takes you to an alpha state of mind in instant.

During alpha state, your mind is more receptive to hidden affirmation presented in audio. Listen to Wealth Switch Audio for 30 minutes every night for 7 days to see your life completely change financially.

#2 Prosperity Now- Audio (Bonus)

It includes “I Am Rich” positive affirmations tuned at 528Hz. It will reprogram your subconscious mind for manifesting abundance and wealth.

#3 Supernatural Luck- Audio (Bonus)

To become extremely lucky and attract unexpected money, listen to subliminal audio tuned at 77Hz.

#4 Extreme Success Mantras- Affirmations List (Bonus)

You need a money mantra to believe in yourself and gain confidence to achieve financial success. In Extreme Success Mantras, you’ll get 7 money mantras that help you to attract quick-money-making opportunities.

For financial blessing, recite 1 money mantra each morning for the next 7 days.

#5 Wealth Triggers- Abundance Mind Movie (Bonus)

Visualization is the key to manifestation. With Wealth Triggers, you’ll get access to beautiful luxury visuals to get clarity on your desire every day. Plus, it will help you raise your vibration to attract wealth at a faster rate.

#6 Instant Manifestor- Mystical Money Symbol (Bonus)

Money symbols are believed to manifest money. Save these mystical money symbols in your mobile phone to attract financial abundance.

#7 Evil Eye Shield- Audio (Bonus)

When you get successful, you’ll attract the attention of the many evil eyes. Such negative energy is not good for your success and your personal life. That’s why you need to get rid of the evil eye with Evil Eye Shield, audio tuned at 333Hz.


How to effectively use the Wealth Switch program?

Wealth Switch is designed to get financial success but you have to use it effectively to get results.

You need to listen to the subliminal affirmation provided in the program every day at night just before going to sleep. Why?

Because at night just before going to bed is the best period for programming the subconscious mind as you can easily get into the alpha state of mind.

Listen to audio for 30 minutes a day for 7 days. While listening to audio trust that it is going to get you out of the monetary crisis.

Plus, let go of the outcome. Don’t focus on the outcome. Only listen to audio believing you’re going to manifest money quickly and easily as other people have done with the help of Wealth Switch.


6 Reasons why you should get Wealth Switch (Benefits)

Here 6 reasons why you should consider using Wealth Switch now:

  • To change your mindset and belief about money. Wealth Switch includes powerful subliminal affirmation to listen to tuned at God frequency.
  • To erase all old and self-sabotaging subconscious programming. 
  • To empower your brain with the ability to detect opportunities to make money.
  • To stimulate the creative part of the brain to get ideas and plan to create massive wealth.
  • To get rid of current debt and live a stress-free life without worrying about money ever again.
  • To wake up in the morning with confidence, feeling wealthier, positive vibration, and a big smile on your face as you will not worry about getting late at paying bills.


Pros and Cons of Wealth Switch

Pros  Cons
It’s simple to use as you just have to listen to subliminal affirmation for 30 minutes at night before sleeping for 7 days. It has a digital version available only.
It includes a lot of bonuses to help you get financial freedom. You need to listen to the audio track with subliminal affirmation consistently with faith to see any result.
It helps to switch poor genes with rich genes i.e. change mindset and belief about money with high vibrational money script.  
If you don’t see any result after 7 days you can ask for a total refund within 60 days. So, you don’t have anything to lose to give it a try.  
As the payment process is secured by ClickBank, you don’t have to worry about your credit card information getting leaked online.  


Is Wealth Switch legit?

There is no complaint and negative review about Wealth Switch, a money manifestation program so far.

In fact, people who used the product have started to see positive results in their life. Most people have found their mindset and belief about money changed. They are now confident and optimistic about money.

In my case, after listening to Wealth Switch audio, I wake up with positive vibrations, feeling good, and most importantly, no worry about money.

Recently, I received a job offer that pays two times more than my current job.  I am grateful for these opportunities and thankful for the fact that I found the Wealth Switch program.


Wealth Switch Review- Final Verdict

The main difference between rich and poor is how they have been raised by their parents.

You see, rich parents teach their children about money and give them high vibrational money scripts. Simply put, most rich people inherit rich genes from their parents.

The good news is you can change your subconscious programming with the help of Wealth Switch audio. If you’re interested in using the Wealth Switch, get it from the official site only.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: What if it doesn’t work for me?

First, have faith that you’re going to manifest money with the help of WealthSwtich. However, if you don’t see any result after using it, you can ask for a refund. You’ll get your full money back within 60 days of purchase.

Q2: How long does it take to get any result with Wealth Switch?

You’ll start to see positive change within 7 days of listening to the Wealth Switch audio. But, there is no exact time period for getting the result as it depends on one’s faith, desire, and willingness to change. That said, you can get a full refund if you don’t see any improvement in your life.

Q3: Is it safe?

Yes, the payment process is secured by ClickBank, the world’s best marketplace for digital products.  

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