What Does It Feel Like to Raise Your Vibration?

Research has shown that each cell of our body, at the molecular level, vibrates at a certain frequency generating an electromagnetic wave. The vibration of molecules in our body affects the function of the body.

Raising your vibration speeds up the process of manifestation and moves you forward in the journey of spirituality. Being at high vibration alters your mood, changes the pattern of thinking and helps you to achieve your goal.

When you raise your vibration you will feel more at ease, happy, love, and joy. You have clarity about life, and you feel peace both inside and outside. You feel connected with the divine and people. You become magnetic, attracting opportunities and people in life.

Everything in the universe is energy. When you vibrate at a high level, usually when you feel joy and happiness, you’ll attract a positive experience in your life. Below, you’ll find detail about the feeling that you have when you raise your vibration, and steps to raise your vibration level.

What does it feel like to raise your vibration?

You focus more on your inner self

At a high vibrational level, you lose interest in trivial things like going to parties or other recreational activities. You will look within for happiness rather than searching for it in the outer world.

In short, you fall in love with yourself and explore the immense potential hidden within you. You will have a deeper understanding of yourself, feel more connected and motivated.

You become clear about your goal and purpose in life.

You become energetic and enthusiastic

You feel a surge of energy traveling through each part of the body. You gain mental clarity and focus and will have increased physical stamina.

Any task becomes easy to complete as you have more focus and enthusiasm while doing it. You will focus on things that are meaningful to you.

Confidence level increases, and you can palpate it when you talk to people. Your self-worth and self-esteem touch the sky. You think like successful people and behave like one that is essential for getting success.

In short, you will enjoy and live every minute of life.

You become magnetic and attractive

We sense the energy level of the people around us. That’s why some make us feel low while others, who have positive vibrational energy, make us feel energetic and good.

When you vibrate at a high energy level, you become a human magnet attracting similar people in life. You’ll sense the right opportunities even in a difficult time when it is easy to lose hope and joy in life for other people.

Your beauty increases, and you become more attractive to attract the right partner.

Your intuition will increases

Intuition is the ability to know about something without using the analytic part of your mind. It is the gut feeling that you get from your subconscious mind that is correct most of the time.

Having a good intuition will help you to make the best decision. It will guide you during turmoil and keep you out of the danger.

You’ll feel more connected

Being at a high vibrational level raises your consciousness. You feel connected to higher infinite intelligence. You’ll feel the protection from Him.

You will surrender to the cosmos. You’ll listen to the voice of inner wisdom.

Your faith, and trust in infinite intelligence increase.

People around you will connect with you easily. People who are at the same vibrational level as you are will show up which means no more toxic and negative people and their drama in life.

If you want to manifest someone out of your life, I’ve written an article about it.

How to Manifest Someone Out of Your Life?

Your ability to manifest increases

When you think of positive things, you’ll attract the positive experience in your life. To manifest, you should have a thought that is powerful enough to travel into the universe to attract things that are equivalent to it.

Being at a higher vibrational level increases the intensity of your thought. That’s how you’ll increase the manifestation power.

It also calms your mind and lets you focus on your goal while applying the manifestation technique.

7 ways to raise your vibration level

Now that you know how it feels like to raise vibration, next, let’s learn how to raise one’s vibration level to reap the benefit of it.

1. Feel gratitude every day

Gratitude is the positive emotion you feel after you become thankful or show appreciation to someone or something.

When you feel gratitude every day, you’ll see the following changes in your life.

  • You’ll have positive thoughts. You can’t have negative thoughts and feel gratitude at the same time.
  • It brings balance to your life. And, improves both physical and mental health as you become more conscious about it. You’ll have fewer aches and pain.
  • Feeling gratitude makes you happier as it clear out the negative emotion such as resentment, envy, and frustration.
  • It increases self-esteem and self-worth. Your mental strength increases and makes you resilient to psychological trauma.

So, be thankful for everything that you’ve in your life that is currently giving your comfort and making your life easier to live. Show appreciation for small things in your life rather than worrying about the goals that you’ve not achieved yet.

2. Do meditation to bring peace and joy

The literal meaning of meditation is to know yourself. It is the process of looking within to understand yourself and find the joy and happiness that you couldn’t find in the outer world.

When you do meditation, you’ll become more present at the moment. It improves your mood and brings a feeling of peace. You’ll feel less stress and anxiety.

Doing meditation helps you connect with infinite intelligence and recharge your body with cosmic energy.

3. Eat organic and fresh food

As I mentioned above, everything in this universe is energy and there is the transfer of energy from one source to another to sustain life. When we take food, we get energy from it.

However, not all foods have the same level of energy, and it will affect our energy level when we consume it.

Foods like meat, processed or fried have low energy in them. On the other hand, organic, fresh vegetables and fruits have pure and high vibrational energy in them.

That’s why we feel more alive, vibrant, and light when we eat a vegetarian diet.

Avoid alcohol, drugs, or any things that are depressant as it decreases your energy level.

4. Use essential oils

Essential oils are extracted from plants that reduce stress, boost your energy, and calm your nerves.

Its scent will lift your spirit and change your mood within a second.

I use Peppermint, Jasmine, lavender, and sandalwood to get into a high vibrational level whenever I feel low.

5.Use the crystal to absorb the negative energy

Crystals absorb the negative energy within you and your surroundings. It cleanses your chakra and aura.

I keep it in my room to clear all the negative energy to feel peace and stress-free after office hours.

Use clear quartz, amethyst, or selenite to amplify your positive energy.

Read an article on What are manifestation crystals to know how to use them effectively.

6. Surround yourself with high vibration

Read inspiring quotes, books to motivate and inspire yourself. Reading increases the level of thinking and expands one’s horizon.

Listen to uplifting music, watch inspiring videos that fill you with energy. However, avoid social media news channels as it is filled with negativity.

Mind movies are inspiring and uplift your mood. Mind movies have uplifting music, pictures about your goals that inspire you, and positive affirmation.

Surround yourself with people who are positive and supportive of you and your goal. When you spend time with people with a high vibrational level, you’ll vibrate at the same level as they are.

7. Be generous

We feel bad when we get greedy at anything. Helping someone in their need brings a smile to your face and satisfaction in your life.

Make someone smile and spread love and kindness around you.


Raising one’s vibration level is key for happiness, peace, and joy. You’ll feel inspired, energetic, and magnetic when you’re at a high vibrational level.

You will do good to yourself and the people around you by being at a high vibrational level.

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