What is a manifestation candle? And How to use it?

We blow out the candles on the top of the cake during a birthday celebration.

And we make a wish before blowing out the candle as a part of the ritual. However, most people don’t know that candles can help to manifest your dream.

What is a manifestation candle? It is used in rituals to manifest wishes and desires. It helps to bring your dream life into reality. It serves as a bridge to connect you to the source by sending your energy into the universe.

Below, I have explained how to use the manifestation candle. You’ll also find some common mistakes people make while using candles for manifestation.


What is a manifestation candle?

Fire has always been a powerful form of energy since its discovery. It is the source of magic and a symbol of purity.

For thousands of years, people are using fire for prayer and worship God for a reason. It acts as a transformer to convert your thought into reality. Fire teaches you to focus on your intention and manifests your desire.

A manifestation candle is similar to an ordinary candle, but it is used as a part of rituals to set an intention and send a message out in the universe.

The manifestation candle holds the power of all five elements represented in the pentagram: Earth, Fire, Water, Air, and Spirit.

Pentagrams, the shape of a five-pointed star polygon, are a symbol of faith. It also stood for the five wounds that Jesus Christ received during his crucifixion.

When unlit, the candle represents Earth as an element of stability. Fire in the candle is an element of power. Once it melts, it symbolizes water which is the emotional element. Air, from the smoke, is an element of intention and communication. Spirit- your intention is the highest element.

Candles come in different sizes, shapes, colors. First and foremost, you’ve to choose the right kind of candle that matches your intention. You should have a candle that burns for a longer duration and smell better to lighten up your mood.

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Candles color and their meaning


The yellow candle helps you to have confidence, charm, and an optimistic mindset. It improves your communication skills and helps you with your concentration. It is also a symbol of good luck.


Youthfulness, stamina, and independence are the characteristics of the orange candle. It has a connection with prosperity and sudden positive change in your life.


Blue candle is a symbol of spirituality, loyalty, and inner peace. It helps in meditation, overcomes addiction, and protects from trauma.


It is related to new beginnings, growth, balance, and harmony. It helps to attract wealth and abundance for a prosperous life.


Red candles symbolize energy, courage, passion, and strength. It is also related to love and fertility.


It enhances your psychic ability, wisdom, astral travel, and ambition to achieve your goals. It helps you sleep better and get you out of the bad karma of your past.


The black candles absorb negative energy, protect from illness, and reveal secrets of life. It reverses curses and helps you overcome loss and grief.


It conveys cleanliness, freshness, and simplicity. It symbolizes purity, truth, and blessing.


It promotes romance, friendship, and self-love. It aids in spiritual healing, faith, and forgiveness.


The brown candle is for balance, stability, and grounding. It gives you financial independence and enhances telepathic abilities.


It is for abundance, power, influences, awareness, and knowledge.


It boosts your imagination, wisdom, and visions. It provides psychic protection, patience, helps you get rid of obstacles in your path of success.


The silver candle connects you with your ancestor. It reveals the hidden piece of knowledge.

It takes you to the astral realm, gives you fame, ambition, creativity, and ambition.


Is a manifestation candle different than an ordinary candle?

There is no difference between the ordinary candle and the manifestation candle. Both are made using the same material and by a similar process. However, what makes a difference is the intention behind its use.

If you intend to manifest whatever your desire, any candle is the best fit for you. You see, the candle is only a medium to help you focus on your intention, get rid of negative thoughts and feelings which block the manifestation process.

Of course, as I mentioned above, candles with various colors have special meaning and purpose. But, you do not necessarily need a special manifestation candle to begin your meditation and rituals.

Start your rituals with any ordinary candle you find. It is not the candle that gives you what you desire. It is the power of your mind and belief that gives the result.

That being said, let’s find out how a manifestation candle works.


How does manifestation candle work?

Fire is the symbol of intensity, passion, and love. It burns negative energy within you and your surrounding with it.

When you gaze at a candle flame, it dissolves away distraction so that your mind becomes calm and focused. Candle gazing also improves your power of concentration, memory, and brings the mind into awareness.

man gazing at candle

The good smell from the candle affects your mood, emotion, and helps you get rid of stress when you enter a room with a burning candle.

Manifestation candle helps you to focus on your desire without distraction and clutter in mind. It also acts as a medium to send your message and intention into the universe.

Let’s now discover the steps to manifest your dream using a manifestation candle.


A step-by-step guide to Candle ritual

Organize and clean your space

Get rid of clutter in your room gives you a distraction-free environment that is suitable for rituals. It also gives a sense of completion, freshness and boosts your connection with the universe.

Cleanse your space with incense or white sage to set the tone for the ceremony and get rid of negative energy from the room.

Set clear and precise intention

Recognizing the goals and intention is a crucial part of the candle ritual. You should set a clear and precise intention to focus on during the manifestation process.

Sit with the candle and meditate

With intention in your mind, light the candle and focus on its dancing flame. Concentrate on your goal, think about steps that you need to follow to achieve your goals.

Grab Your Manifestation Candle

You can amplify the magic of candles using dried flowers, herbs, crystals, and essential oils.

Jot down your intention in a notebook

After you visualize your goals watching the flame, write down everything that comes to your mind in a journal or notebook. Don’t analyze them, jot down whatever comes to your mind that you think is needed to accomplish your goal.

Visualize your result

Now, visualize the result of your goal. Feel how would you feel if you’ve achieved your dream. Use all your five senses to visualize your intention.

Let the positive thoughts and feelings come out of you into the universe through the magic of fire.

Close your ritual with words of gratitude and positive affirmation. Let the candle burn completely.


Some common mistake that you should avoid while using a candle for manifestation

Mistake#1: Never blow out a candle

You will blow your manifestation too when you blow out the candle, so never blow out the candle.

Let the whole candle burn out completely. If you’re in hurry then you can press the burning wick on your finger to extinguish the fire. Put the lid over the jar to put off the flame if you’re using the candle jar.

Mistake#2: Don’t use used candle

The used candle is not going to help you with the manifestation. So, always use the virgin candle for ritual.

Mistake#3: Don’t do any evil with candle magic

Candle magic is for your happiness and prosperity in life, not to hurt others. Don’t break any relationship or hurt others with your intention.

Grab Your Manifestation Candle


Manifestation candle will help you to focus on your thought for a longer duration that is essential to send your message into the universe.  It also helps you to remove the negative from your room and to calm your mind.

You can find manifestation candles with different colors used for various purposes. However, you can use a simple white candle( only use a virgin candle) to begin your manifestation process. And, don’t use manifestation candle to hurt other. Happy manifesting!

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