“If you can see it, it can become a reality….and there is a magic that comes with vision boards…you have to have a vision board…I don’t know nobody wealthy, who don’t have a vision board,” said Steve Harvey, an American television star, author, businessman, and former stand-up comedian, in one of his talk shows.

He gives a lot of credit to his vision boards and believes they have played a significant role in the journey for the accomplishment of his goals and get success in life.

Like Steve Harvey, many other celebrities and successful people swear by the vision board. They use a vision board to daily visualize their goal, get focused, and manifest their dreams into reality.

For instance, to envision Barack Obama as president, Oprah Winfrey put Barack Obama’s picture and picture of the dress she wants to wear to the inauguration on her vision board

That being said, lots of people think that vision boards are bogus and they are just woo-woo stuff people use to feel good about themselves. They are wrong. In reality, they don’t have a clear concept about the vision board and how it helps in achieving goals and dreams.

Keep reading to find out what is a vision board and how does it work (explanation based on scientific evidence). In addition, find out how to make a vision board that will definitely bring results for you.

Ready? Let’s dive into it.


What is a vision board?

In basic terms, a vision board is a collection of pictures, phrases, quotes, and affirmations related to your goals- things you want to see and feel in the future.

A Vision board, also known as a dream board or goal board, is a snapshot of your desired future. It is a blueprint that guides you to achieve your inner desire and goals.

In a vision board, you put pictures, quotes, affirmations, or anything related to your goal which reminds you of your goal and makes you feel better each time you look at it.

Keeping the vision board in a place where you can easily see it and looking at it daily will eventually program your subconscious mind to manifest your dreams.

Moreover, it activates the law of attraction and helps you manifest your dream into reality.

The concept of a vision board gain popularity when John Assaraf, an entrepreneur, explained how he used a vision board to manifest his dream home in The Secret- a documentary film about the law of attraction and manifestation by Rhonda Byrne that changed the millions of lives worldwide.

You see, pictures of your goals when mixed with powerful affirmations or quotes not only inspire and motivate you but also raise your vibration to align with your goal.

Having a vision board in front of you and daily looking at brings clarity of your goals and purpose in life. It speaks to you about your goal and constantly reminds you of your destination so that you become focused.

To sum up, a vision board is a sacred place where your dreams come into reality. It is a place where you put the images of your goals to feel inspired and motivated to manifest them in reality.

Now you know what a vision board is, keep reading to find out how does it work.

How does a vision board work?

Vision board helps you remember your goal every day, imagine its end result and raise your vibration. Like a blueprint, it guides you and reminds you to take specific action to manifest your desire.

You see, we create an image of end result of goals first and then only proceed to take various actions to achieve them. The clearer the images of the end result are in mind easier it becomes to achieve them.

For instance, if someone is taking a sip of coffee in his bed in the morning. First, she must have created a mental image of drinking coffee. Then, she would herself have gone to the kitchen to make coffee or have asked someone for it.

The point here is that we take action for the achievement of a goal only after creating the images of its end result in the mind. These mental images act as a blueprint while pursuing any goal.

Unfortunately, most people don’t have a strong imagination power to create clear images of their goals. Furthermore, they find it difficult to hold these images for longer, and over a period of time, most people tend to forget about their goals and desire.

A vision board helps you imagine your goal. By putting the pictures representing your goal, you’re actually visualizing it whenever you look at your vision board. You’re, in fact, creating the end result of your goal.

It enables you to clearly see your future and program your subconscious mind to align it to your goal.

To sum up, here is how vision boards work to help you achieve your goal or desire:

  • It helps you visualize the end result of your goal.
  • It creates clarity of goal.
  • It constantly reminds you of your goal and helps you focus on it.
  • It instantly makes you feel good and raise your vibration.
  • It makes you optimistic.
  • It inspires and motivates you to take action toward achieving your goal.

How to make a vision board?

There are two types of vision boards- physical and digital. It is totally up to you to decide which vision boards you want to make.

While creating a physical vision board can be slow, tedious, and demanding, it is, in my opinion, better than the digital version. Why?

First, you can look at it all the time. You don’t have to turn on your mobile phone or any other electronic device to see your vision board. Second, you can physically touch it which makes you more connected to your goal.

That said, digital versions of vision boards are easy to create and design. You can either use free online tools like Canva to create a vision board, or you can use Pinterest, OneNote, Microsoft Words, and many other tools.

To create a physical vision board,

  • Get a poster board of any size you like
  • Choose inspirational photos related to your goal from magazines or print images that you find online
  • Now, find affirmation, quotes, sayings that inspires and motivates you
  • After, you gather all the material, arrange them in the way you like

And, that’s how you create a vision board for your goal.

Here are some valuable tips from experts while making a vision board:

  • Before you start making a vision board, have a clarity of your goal
  • Only use pictures that represent the end result of your goal. For instance, if you want to manifest a relationship, you want to put a picture of the happy couple on your vision board.
  • Put your own happy faces on the vision board. In other words, cut the face portion of your images and stick them over the faces of people who are on your vision board.
  • Only put things on vision boards that you believe you can achieve.  It is better to put small and believable things on your vision board in the beginning. You don’t want to put Ferrari, private jets, yachts, or villas on your vision board unless you believe in its possibility of manifestation in near future.
  • Lastly, use only positive words on your vision boards. Don’t write you want to get rid of a loan. Instead, write you want financial freedom.


Vision boards are not woo-woo stuff. It does help people achieve their goals. Many celebrities, athletes, and entrepreneurs use vision boards to get focused on their goals and to eventually accomplish them.

A Vision board, a collection of pictures, quotes, or affirmations, helps you visualize the end result of your goal. It acts as a blueprint guiding you to manifest your dreams into reality. It programs your subconscious and aligns you towards your goal.

So decide what you really want, gather inspiring images representing the end result of your goal, arrange them with other inspiring material. Voilà: you created your vision board.

Now, keep your vision board somewhere you can easily see it. Look at it every day, get reminded of your goals, and visualize the end result, feel the feeling you would feel when you have accomplished your goal.

By doing so and taking action every day, eventually, you’ll accomplish your goal too.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Does a vision board have to be physical?

No, a vision board doesn’t have to be physical. You can create a digital vision board too.

Q2. How long does it take for a vision board to work?

For some people, they get results immediately. While for others, it might take a while to see any result. It depends on how much you put your time, effort, and energy when using the vision board.

Q3. Should you share your vision board?

You can share your vision board. But, share it with only supportive people. You don’t want negative people giving their negative opinion about your dream boards. You have to protect your dreams from such negative and toxic people.

Q4. How often should you look at the vision board?

Look at the vision board as many times as you can. However, don’t just look at it. Take action towards your goal every day however small they are. Vision boards only inspire you and raise your vibration but you have to take action to attract your desire into reality.