Why I am not shifting? What is blocking me from shifting? Why I have not shifted yet?

These are the questions mostly asked in the shifting communities.

Shifting reality is the process of transforming your consciousness from your current reality to your desired reality. And, it is possible to do so.

Many people have shifted their desired realities, but it is also true that many people have failed at it. Some have tried to shift for weeks or even for a month but have not got any success with it.

So, what could be the reason? Why many people are failing at shifting to the desired reality?

In this article, you will find the answer to your questions:  Why I am not shifting? So, keep reading to find the reason that is blocking you from experiencing your desired reality.


What is blocking you from shifting?

Here are the reasons that might be blocking you from shifting:

#1 Not having a clear goal

One of the common mistakes that most people make while shifting is not having a clear goal. They don’t know exactly where to shfit.  In short, they don’t have a clear picture of the desired reality.

Also, people who fail at shifting don’t have the burning desire to shift into the desired reality. They only wish to shift there. They don’t have a compelling reason to shift.


#2 Changing shifting methods too frequently

There are hundreds of shifting methods if not thousands of them available on the internet. But, you don’t have to try all of them.
However, people who fail at shifting keep changing their shifting methods. They don’t focus on one method.

#3 Having doubt and fear

If you don’t believe that sifting is real, then you won’t be able to shift no matter what method you try and how hard you try it.

You see, it depends on your belief system and mindset.

Also,  some people fear going to their desired reality. They become anxious just before they are about to shift into their desired reality.

Just before shifting, they also developed doubt about shifting and started to think that shifting to the desired reality is not possible. There is no way you can shift into another reality.  It is not possible. It is just the imagination.


#4 Being impatient

Shifting reality is done by the subconscious mind.  You have to instruct the subconscious to shift yourself in another reality.  But, programming the subconscious mind will take some time.

That means you have to have patience while shifting.

Being impatient will only block you from shifting. It gives rise to doubt and fear about shifting. When you are impatient you are not trying to shift because you developed the mindset that it is not possible to shift because you have not shifted yet.

However, it is not true. If you keep trying and be patient you will definitely shift into your desired reality.


#5 Getting obsessed with the result

Another reason why you are not shifting is that they are too obsessed with the results.

They want to shift to their desired reality quickly and easily. But that is not how it works.

You have to take action and you have to have the patience to shift into a reality. So, I stop getting so obsessed with the result. Keep trying and the result will come for sure.  Don’t focus on results too much. Focus on the process instead.


#6 Giving up easily

The common reason that might be blocking you from shifting is giving up too early.

You tried shifting for a few weeks or a month but have not got any result and then you give up thinking that it is not going to work.

If that sound like you then you are not alone. There are lots of people who give up too early on shifting which is holding them back from shifting.


#7 Not able to concentrate for longer

For most people, it is difficult to concentrate while shifting.

When they start to visualize their desired reality, their mind drifts from one thought to another. They are not able to concentrate and focus on their DR.

This is could be one of the reasons that are blocking from shifting.


#8 Finding difficulty in falling asleep

To wake up in your desired reality, you need to first disconnect from your current reality.

One of the ways to do that is to fall asleep while trying to shift. However, most people find it difficult to sleep because they are too excited and their mind is so active that they could not fall asleep.

You can start counting from 0 to 100 to fall asleep. Also, make sure your body is too tired so that you easily doze off.


#9 Not choosing the right method

There are tons of methods for shifting. Examples are the Raven method, Piano method, Blanket method, Alice in Wonderland method, etc.

The truth is not all methods will work for you. Only a few of them are compatible with you.

So, you need to keep trying to find the perfect method.  Give a week for a method and believe that it is going to work for you and try to shift using that method.

If it does not work, don’t get upset. There are other methods that you can try. Eventually, you’ll find the right methods that work perfectly for you.


How to find out what is blocking me from shifting?

If you have not shifted yet, there could be many reasons for it.

So, how do you find what is blocking you from shifting? One of the ways is to ask yourself questions: Why I am not shifting? Do some soul searching and you will find the answer.


If you have tried shifting in the past and you have experienced shifting symptoms but have not been able to shift into your new reality, then there could be some reason that might be blocking you from shifting.

We have mentioned the common reasons that are blocking people from shifting.  You might have different reasons for not being able to shift. Find yourself what is blocking you from shifting. Ask yourself, “why I am not shifting? What wrong am I doing?”

Ask yourself these questions, you will surely find the answer. And, remember shifting is possible. You can shift too with a positive mindset and belief system.

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