What is the best time of day to manifest (Explained)

You believe in the Law of Attraction and now you have decided to use it to manifest your dream. But, you’re wondering what is the best time to manifest to get your result quickly and easily.

I have been using the law of attraction for quite a few years now and I found that the best time to manifest is in the morning right after you get up from bed and at night before just before going to sleep.

That’s a short answer to your query.

Let’s dig a bit deeper to find out what is the reason behind it and some of the best practices that will make you healthy, happy, and successful.


Why use The Law of Attraction in the morning and just before going to bed at night?

What is the best time of day to manifest: books beside window during sunset

If you’ve been studying the law of attraction then you might know that there are different types of brain waves with different frequencies.

You might also know that the alpha state of the brain is more receptive to new thoughts as it is less analyzing the state of mind.

In the morning and at night before going to bed, your mind naturally goes into an alpha state which makes sense that whatever thoughts you impress on your mind at that time can easily get into your subconscious mind.

What are the different types of brain waves

What is the best time of day to manifest

As knowledge is a precursor to experience, knowing about brain waves and how it works can help you to have a better result in your law of attraction journey.

Here are basic things that you need to know about brain waves:

The brain is electrochemical which means nerve cells communicate with each other by releasing chemicals from its end and generating electricity.

So an electromagnetic field is generated when nerve cells discharge and a machine called an electroencephalogram detects it as a different pattern of a wave.

Different Types of Wave:

Beta wave

Every day in your waking state your brain is in a Beta state. In this state, the brain processes sensory data that enter through different sensory receptors and create meaning.

It is an analyzing mind that makes it hard to focus on the inner self as it has scattered thoughts.

It has a high, mid, and low range of frequencies. The higher the frequency of the beta wave, the more chaotic your thoughts become which is usually seen in patients with some mental disease.

Alpha wave

It is a creative and imaginative state of mind where your analytical mind is less disturbing.

Theta wave

It is the twilight state between deep sleep and wakefulness. During this state, a Hypnotherapist can access the subconscious mind and insert some good thoughts into it.

Delta wave

It has very low activity found in deep sleep.

Gamma wave

It is seen in elevated states of consciousness and has high frequencies with low amplitude. People who are in deep meditation and people who are experiencing great joy have such waves in their brains.

How to Get into Alpha State

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As you know you can get into an alpha state naturally in the morning and just before you go to bed.

Other than that you can get into an alpha state by practicing meditation, chanting music, and daydreaming. Some also claim that aerobic exercise helps you to get into this state.

What does the alpha state feel like?

In this state of consciousness, you find yourself not focusing too hard on anything, not analyzing, and feeling calm and relaxed. You’re able to devour new information, become more inventive, and be open to new possibilities.

Best Law of Attraction Methods to Practice in the Morning and at Night Before You Go to Bed


Feel Gratitude

Gratitude is the combination of all positive energy. Showing gratitude daily for the beautiful moment you spend with your friends and family or things that you have in your life feel you positive emotion and energy.

And it helps you to attract similar thoughts and events in your life so that you can attract more things to be grateful for.

Feel gratitude for the things that you’ve asked for even though it has not manifested yet.

Visualize your desire

When you visualize nerve cells in your brain get activated to fire signals similar to that of the real experience.

It changes the pattern of arrangement of nerve cells in the brain that prompt you to have thoughts and actions you need to achieve your goal.

So developing a habit of visualization is key to your success in manifesting your dreams and desire.


Saying positive affirmation to yourself and feeling it makes you believe reprograms your subconscious mind. It also helps you get rid of self-sabotaging behavior and negative thought patterns.

As I mentioned earlier, repeating these affirmations in the morning and just before going to bed, when you’re in an alpha state, makes it easy to get into the subconscious mind.

Review goals

Review your goals daily, keep your focus on them and remind yourself to take necessary action.

Keep track of your progress and celebrate some small wins in your journey which will motivate and inspire you to take further action towards it.

Raise your vibration

To raise your vibration, read inspiring quotes, books, and success stories.

Remember the happy times of your life, listen to some uplifting music, or do whatever makes you happy and energetic. This will charge up your body which helps you to stay productive in your work and spend the rest of the day in joy and happiness.

Morning Rituals that Make Your More Successful

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Most successful people around the world follow almost similar morning rituals every day which is one of the reasons for their success.

Here are some of the morning rituals:

#1 Make your bed

It might seem like a small thing at first so most people ignore its importance. You might be thinking about how could making a bed makes anyone successful.

Well, if you make your bed every day, it means you’ve succeeded at a small task that creates momentum to accomplish another big task of your day.

It creates a sense of confidence in you which is essential to do other things right.

#2 Drink water

Drinking water is far more beneficial and healthy than having coffee in the morning.

Not only it helps you to hydrate your body, but it also boosts your metabolism; gets you a clear complexion and more glow to the skin; clears your bowel which eventually detoxifies your body.

#3 Exercise and Cold shower

Physical exercises such as running, jumping, and push-ups make your heart beat faster and increase the circulation of oxygenated blood to the brain.

Cold showers reduce muscle soreness which means it relieves you from pain and also improve your thinking process.

#4 Review the To-do list

Reviewing your daily task keeps you focused on the exact things you need to do without getting distracted by unproductive tasks.

#5 Reading books

One key habit of successful people is to read books and they manage time to read even though they have busy schedules.

Start your day inspired and motivated by reading some good books which also give you new ideas and insight to improve your life daily. It accelerates your personal growth more than anything else.


Things to Avoid Before Bed

As you know that before going to bed your mind is more receptive to ideas and thoughts.

And if you’re not careful about some bad practices that you might be doing can lead to unsuccessful life down the road.

Avoid these things before going to bed:

#1 Use of electronic devices

Health experts advise not to use the cell phone or laptop before you sleep as it decreases sleep quality leading to stress and other health-related problems.

Cell phones emit blue light that decreases the production of melatonin, a hormone that controls your sleep-wake cycle and also helps you to go into the alpha state.

It is advised to avoid using these devices about one hour before you sleep.

#2 Watching the news or exciting movies

You might have experienced how difficult it is to fall asleep when you go to bed after watching some exciting movies, right?

I agree that most of the movies are very good and inspiring while others create false impressions of you with unrealistic and unethical scenes.

Watching the news, most of them are negative ones, is also a destructive habit as it creates negativity and changes your belief system that does not align with your goal.

#3 Using caffeinated beverages

Caffeine is stimulant and it can make it hard for you to fall asleep which eventually lowers the time and quality of sleep.

#4 Involving in serious conversation

Having a serious conversation increases negative thoughts and creates a hormonal imbalance in your body.

Try to avoid such types of conversation. Instead, talk with your friends and families about good topics which creates a positive environment.

#5 Worrying and negative thinking

Worrying and negative thinking is something that most of us experience when we try to sleep as our mind is not occupied with anything else.

After some time we find ourselves getting deep into a vortex of thought and telling ourselves not to think too much and get sleep.

Writing down your thoughts on paper is the best solution to keep your mind free from worry and thought.



The best time to manifest is morning and just before you go to bed as during this time you’re naturally in an alpha state of the brain which is creative, imaginative, and less analytical mind.

Having morning rituals gives you small wins and a sense of accomplishment, which helps you to transform the rest of your day. Avoid things that hamper your sleep as good sleep is necessary for increasing productivity.