What to Do While Listening to Subliminals? (Explained)


Can I listen to subliminal while studying? Can I read, eat, watch movies, or play games while listening to subliminal?

You may have these questions hovering in your mind. 

When listening to subliminals, there are certain things that you should avoid at all costs. That’s because these things could be hurting your manifestation and eventually stopping you from getting the result.

What to do while listening to subliminal? 

In this post, you know the do’s and don’t while listening to subliminal. You’ll find answers to common questions people ask about things to do while listening to subliminals.


Can I listen to subliminal while studying?


You can study and listen to subliminal at the time. Your study won’t interfere with the subliminals.

Studying can help you get subliminal results faster. When your conscious mind becomes busy studying, it doesn’t analyze the ideas that are being presented in the subliminal thus subconscious mind can be easily programmed with it.

It’s not only the study that you can do while listening to subliminal you can also read a book or do your homework.

That said, you should stop listening to subliminal if it distracts you from your study. Sometimes, loud music in the subliminal can create a distraction.

In that case, we recommend listening to the subliminal that has soft and shooting music. By listening to such subliminals you kill two birds with one stone.

Soft and shooting music increases the concentration in study, and hidden affirmations in the subliminal help program your subconscious mind to manifest your desire.

So listen to subliminal calming music at low volume while reading or studying so that it doesn’t create any distraction.

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Can you eat while listening to subliminals?

Yes, you can eat while listening to subliminals. Eating doesn’t interfere with the working of the subliminal.

Listening to subliminal while eating also saves a lot of time for other productive work in life.

Though, keep in mind that listening to some subliminals gives side effects such as headache and nausea.

Stop listening to subliminal immediately if you’re feeling headache and nausea. Other than that, there are no other reasons to stop listening to subliminal while eating.

To sum up, you can enjoy any food while listening to the subliminal.

Can you sleep while listening to subliminals?

Listening to subliminal when you’re sleeping is a pretty good idea. Why?

Listening to subliminal at the start or during sleep will help you get the results faster than expected. During these periods, your mind will be in the alpha state.

In the alpha state, the conscious mind is not very active. It does not analyze the information that enters the head. That means whatever you listen to, read, or think during this state can directly enter into the realm of the subconscious mind.

In other words, listening to subliminal while sleeping can help you program your subconscious easily and thus manifest your desire faster.

Not only that listening to subliminal while sleeping will also save you lots of your waking hours, which you can spend doing work that requires a great deal of attention from you.


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Can you listen to music while listening to subliminals?

I don’t like the idea of listening to music while listening to subliminal. It creates too much distraction. In worse cases, it may lead to headaches and feelings of nausea, and mental fatigue.

If you have tried listening to two different music at the same time, you know that your mind could not focus on either of them.

It brings chaos to your mind. And, with a chaotic mind, you won’t get any benefit from listening to subliminal.

Also, when listening to them for a long, you’ll experience drained and dizziness. So, it is better to avoid listening to other music or song while listening to subliminals.

Can you watch television or videos or movies or watch Netflix while listening to subliminals?

The only cons of watching movies or Netflix while listening to subliminals is that it prevents you from fully immersing in it. It can be distracting, especially if the subliminals are loud and noisy.

That said, you can watch television or videos while listening to subliminals if they have soothing and soft music.

Overall, I don’t recommend listening to subliminal at the same time when you watch your favorite shows or movies. That’s because it only creates a distraction.

However, you can listen to subliminal with soft music at low volume if you want to listen to them while watching movies.

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Can you play games while listening to subliminals?

Are you wondering whether you can listen to subliminals while playing a video game or not? The answer is YES. You can play any game while listening to subliminals.

Listening to subliminals while playing games can give you result faster. How?

When you’re playing a game your conscious mind becomes busy with it so that it doesn’t interfere with the programming of the subconscious mind with subliminal. And you get faster results.

Furthermore, listening to subliminal while playing the game will increase your focus on your game. In other words, listening to subliminal uplifting music can increase your skill and improve your gameplay performance.


Can you do a workout or exercise while listening to subliminals?

We love to listen to music during workouts or exercise at the gym. Right? So why not replace random music with subliminal music?

During workout sessions, your conscious mind becomes busy. If you listen to subliminal when your conscious or analyzing mind is busy with something, you can easily and quickly program your subconscious.

That means subliminal work faster when listening during activities that require your complete focus, such as workouts or exercise. 

To sum up, you can, without a doubt, work out or do exercise while listening to subliminals.

Can you meditate while listening to subliminals?

Doing meditation calms your mind and eases your body. Listening to subliminal and meditation are complementary to each other. And if you combine them then manifesting any becomes an easy task for you.

To answer your question, yes you can do meditation while listening to subliminal.

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Can you draw while listening to subliminals?

Doing creative works like drawing engages your conscious mind.

As I mentioned above, if you’re able to divert the attention of the conscious mind somewhere else, it becomes easy to program the subconscious mind by listening to subliminals.

That’s because the conscious mind couldn’t analyze affirmations or ideas presented subliminal when it is focused on something else. So you can draw or sketch while listening to subliminals.


Can you daydream while listening to subliminals?

Yes, you can daydream while listening to subliminals.


Can you listen to subliminal while listening to something else?

It is not a good practice to listen to subliminal while listening to something else. Most people don’t advise it. As I already said, if you listen to multiple sounds at the same time, your mind has to go through a tough time focusing on one thing.

As a result, you won’t be able to listen to any of them properly. Plus, it creates stress, dizziness, and mental fatigue. That’s why it is better to avoid listening to something else while listening to subliminal.


What to think while listening to subliminals?

Have positive thoughts about your goal while listening to the subliminal. Think and believe that you’ll surely manifest your desire by listening to a subliminal.

That said, you can’t afford to get obsessed with the result. If you don’t let go of the outcome, you eventually become sad and bring negative energy, which will hamper your manifestation. How?

To get results listening to subliminal, you have to wait as it takes some time to work for you. If you’re impatient, you try to check the result frequently. But when you don’t see any results with subliminal, you attract fear, doubt, and negative energy.

So think positively about your goal. Have an optimistic thought process but don’t get obsessed with results.

Can I look in the mirror while listening to subliminals?

You can look in the mirror while listening to the subliminal. There is no harm in doing so.

However, it is wise to stop looking in the mirror all the time, especially if you’re listening to subliminal to change your appearance.

That’s because manifesting change in body appearance will take time, and when you don’t see the expected results you become sad and anxious, which will push your manifestation further away.

To sum up, looking in the mirror bring no harm to your manifestation while listening to subliminal.

That said, don’t look in the mirror to check whether the subliminal is working or not to bring any change in your appearance.

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Do I have to visualize while listening to subliminals?

No, it is not necessary to visualize while listening to subliminals. But visualizing your goal can help you manifest it faster.


To summarize, there are lots of things you can do while listening to subliminal. You can listen to a subliminal while reading, working, doing a workout, or playing games.

And listening to subliminal with visualization, daydreaming, and positive thinking is a good practice as you can easily manifest your goal by doing so.

You should avoid listening to subliminal when it becomes distracting to your work or stops you from enjoying your favorite movies or games.

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