4 Reasons Why You Can’t Manifest Text ( With Explanation)

The idea of manifesting a text from your ex or crush makes your heartbeat go faster.

You’ve tried it, but you can’t manifest text. What could be the reason for not getting a text while other people are getting success at it?

Why can not you manifest text? Here are reasons for it:

  1. You may have an emotional attachment to the outcome.
  2. Maybe, you do not have enough faith or trust in the universe.
  3. Feeling guilt and unworthiness; Having low self-esteem
  4. Having negative feeling and vibration

That is a short answer to your query. Let’s dive a little deeper to learn more about these reasons. Also, learn the best law of attraction method to manifest text.

Why can’t you manifest text?

There could be different reasons for not manifesting a text from your ex or crush. Here are some of the common mistakes people make while using the law of attraction to manifest text:

Reason #1: Having an emotional attachment

Ask, believe and receive is the fundamental process of manifesting anything you want. First, you’ve to ask the universe, and then you’ve to believe in it. Next, you should allow yourself to receive the outcome of your desire.

But, most people become emotionally attached to the outcome. It is the biggest mistake in the manifestation process and which is why you’re not manifesting text or whatever you want.

When you become emotionally attached to your outcomes, you have a feeling of scarcity, and you need them now urgently to feel happy and joyful. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that.

If you become too concerned about the outcome, you’ll keep checking the phone to see the text from the specific person. It shows that you have a doubt and scarcity mindset.

You should expect the desired outcome from the universe. But, don’t force and stress too much about it.

You have to believe that you’ll manifest text and let go of fear and doubt that arises whenever you find that you didn’t get any text from that specific person.

Take this as an experiment to test the process of manifestation. Don’t care too much about the outcome. If someone texts you that’s great. If not there’s no big deal because it will not change your state of happiness.

The key here is you need to become detached from the outcome of your desire. Stop checking your phone frequently to see the text. Let go of it and do something that you enjoy instead.


When you enjoy, without doubt, fear, and negative feeling, you’ll manifest text effortlessly.

Reason #2: Not having faith

“ Faith is seeing the light with the heart when all your eyes see is darkness. ”

Nothing can hurt you more than having doubt and fear. Doubt and fear are unquestionably two of the most common roadblocks to manifest your dream. Humans naturally tend to fear unknown future events.

If you’re manifesting text, especially for the first time, then you’ll have fear and doubt even if you have seen someone succeeded in manifesting text.

Negative thought about your goal takes you further away from it. Abraham Hicks calls it worried negative creation.

You take your first step towards your goal when you decide what you want to manifest. However, if you do not have faith, or think negatively, then at the same time, you’re taking a step back from your goal. So you’re now stuck at the same place.

So, the solution to this problem is either stop thinking negative thoughts or replace them with positive ones. Whenever you find yourself having doubt or thinking negatively, stop there, and think something positive instead.

Let’s say you keep saying that you’re not going to manifest text from someone. It is impossible. It’s not going to work for me. These negative thoughts create negative feelings and vibrations that are discouraging you from achieving your goal.

However, you have a choice to either keep thinking that way or think something positive that inspires and encourages you. You may think that someone is never gonna text you, which may or may not be true.

Your job is not to be concerned about whether it is true or not, your job is to believe that someone is thinking about you right now, and you’re going to get a text from him/her.

So, not having faith and trust in the universe is one of the common mistakes people make while manifesting. If you have any doubt, fear, or negative attitudes towards your desire, overcome them to see the result.

Reason #3: Feeling guilty and having low self-esteem

I used to have self-imposed guilt and unworthiness at the beginning of my manifestation journey. I used to think that I don’t deserve good things in my life, or if I get what I want, it will make other people feel bad for themselves. Basically, I was holding myself back from receiving abundance.

I thought that it was only my problem to think like that, but I was wrong. Most people don’t feel worthy of having good things in their life.

If you’re feeling unworthy of love and a happy relationship in your life, then it will get hard for you to manifest text.

Find your limiting belief about yourself, what it is that holding you back from your manifestation.

If you feel that you’re unworthy, then change your focus. Focus on the positive aspect of yourself. Choose to feel good about yourself. Do not seek perfection because nothing is perfect in this world. Get out of this lie.

Accept and respect yourself as you are so that others will respect you. You should have high self-esteem, and self-worth to attract whatever you want.

Reason #4: Having negative feeling and vibration

You may be doing visualization in the morning for about 15 minutes to manifest text when you have a good feeling that increases your vibration and makes you more receptive than before.

But, you may be feeling sad, jealous, and frustration the whole day. That is one of the reasons for not manifesting text. You see, the law of attraction, like the law of gravity, works 24/7.

You need to have positive feelings and vibrations throughout the day to align yourself with your goal.

If you want to attract love and at the same time you’re feeling lonely, you’re attracting more loneliness. That is something you have to be careful about because it is hard to attract love when you at the same time feel alone.

Try to have a positive feeling and attitude to maintain positive vibration even if you’re in a challenging situation.


Does manifesting text work?

Yes, manifesting a text from someone works. There are a lot of success stories on the internet that you can find about manifesting text. It shows that it is true, and you can manifest text too.

But, if you can’t manifest text, you may be making mistakes that I mentioned before. Try again, without making any mistakes, to manifest text from your specific person.


How does manifesting text work?

Everything in this world, created by human, first appear in their mind as a thought. Someone had an idea about a phone that you’re holding right now before they made it a reality.

Likewise, when you’ve thought that someone will text you, and believe it from your heart, you’re going to manifest it in reality.

Your thought is the energy that travels in the form of a wave, and it has frequencies.

Moderns science now accepts the fact that everything in this world is energy having certain frequencies. When the frequency of your thought matches with similar frequencies in the outer world, you’ll manifest that object or events in your life.

Manifest text instantly using 369 method

What is the 369 manifestation method?

The 369 manifestation method is a law of attraction technique where you write down your desire 3 times in the morning after getting up from bed, 6 times in the afternoon, and 9 times before going to bed. You’ve to repeat these steps for about 40-45 days in a row before you let it go.

It is one of the best manifestation methods as it helps you to focus on one specific goal or desire at a time.

How to manifest text from someone using the 369 methods?

First and foremost, you’ve to get rid of self-doubt and limiting beliefs. Next, decide what you want to manifest. In this case, choose a person from who you want to get a text.

Write a powerful and positive affirmation in the present tense. For example: “I am so happy and grateful for the fact that [name of the person from who you want to get a text] text me. Thank You!”

You can add visualization techniques with 369 methods.

Before you start visualization, relax your body and mind.

Hold your phone and feel the vibration you would feel when that person texts you. Imagine how happy you’re to find out it manifesting text works and maintain that state throughout the day.



Having an emotional attachment to the outcome makes you keep checking your phone. It also brings doubt and fear that it is not going to work for you.

You’ve to let go of the outcome to manifest because not able to do so is the reason behind you can’t manifest text.

Develop trust and confidence in yourself and the universe to align yourself with your goal with positive vibrations.

Now that you know why you can’t manifest text, go and try again and have fun. Good luck!

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